SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way of boosting your website at the top of search results, granting it more clicks and more website traffic. Given that the real estate industry is quite competitive, one has to utilize all the resources they have available to get started on the path of success.

If you’re a budding real estate entrepreneur who’s relatively new to this industry and has no idea how to make use of Search Engine Optimization, there’s no need to worry. There’s no better way of educating yourself about a particular subject than through podcasts. Podcasts are an efficient way of making maximum use of the free time to retain information about a particular matter.

There are multiple podcasts available online that are made to guide newbie real estate investors. Check out the following five podcasts to get more knowledge regarding SEO for real estate and how you can use it to your advantage.

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

If you’re looking to gain more information regarding SEO for real estate, then this podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Rich Brooks, most new real estate investors can gain a stronghold of knowledge through this podcast.

Not only will you be able to increase the number of clicks and traffic that you get on your website, but you will also learn tips and tricks for making users stay longer on your website and to possibly generate leads through the traffic on your website.

The Agents of Change frequently interviews marketers from all over the world to get their insight on SEO tips and how they rose to the top with the help of SEO for real estate.

This weekly podcast is perfect for you to listen to when you’re out and about doing your chores or working out. 

The Craft of Marketing with Seth Price

Hosted by Seth Price, this podcast is packed with all sorts of information that will be useful for real estate investors that are relatively new to the industry. This podcast features Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives who share their experience in real estate, using it as a basis to guide any new real estate investors who may be tuning in.

From SEO optimization for your website to digital strategy, every point is discussed in great detail by the intelligent and successful guests on this show. A few of the guests featured on this podcast

 If you’re dying to know of hacks and strategies that will help you become a successful real estate investor, then this podcast is just the thing for you. This podcast won’t’ curb your appetite for marketing tips; in fact, it’ll leave you wanting more and more.

Duct Tape Marketing with John Jantsch

Tips on how to increase productivity, modern business-building strategies, SEO for real estate, and leadership insights: These are just a few of the subjects Jantsch and his guests delve deep into on his podcast. Jantsch’s enlightening podcast provides the essential knowledge that should be known by entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople alike.

Even though Jantsch and his organization specialize in helping small firms run more efficiently, they still provide their podcasts free of cost to any newbie real estate investors who might require them.

Jantsch has the experience and expertise to properly guide listeners in their marketing efforts, both on the internet and locally. John Jantsch also has several guest appearances on his podcast, intelligent minds who share their helpful advice to help you get started in this industry.

 Whatever questions you might have in your mind, whether they’re related to SEO for real estate or general marketing tactics, will all be answered by John Jantsch in this podcast.

The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show

The Mail-Right show is all about doing mail correctly, but it goes beyond that; It also includes social media and other internet opportunities. Even though this podcast mainly targets real estate agents, most of the information provided here is also relevant to real estate investors.

The Mail-Right Show is hosted by Jonathan Denwood, the CEO, with a British accent, and Robert Newman, the founder of InboundREM, an SEO optimization firm. The Mail-Right Show is all about motivating, educating, and inspiring their listeners to take action.

Various important topics, such as SEO for real estate, are covered in this podcast. Questions are answered in a language that the general public can understand, and information is relayed so that it can be retained for later use. All in all, this podcast is perfect for new and budding real estate investors who might be confused regarding what steps they should take to be successful in this industry.

Real Estate Investing Mastery

Not only did well-established real estate investor Joe McCall flip more than 100 deals, but he also directly had a role in helping his students flip even more deals than that. With a primary background in wholesaling, Joe McCall’s podcast mainly revolves around lead generation, marketing, SEO for real estate, and so much more.

One instance of The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show touching upon SEO was when a guest feature on the podcast, Chris Chico, gave extensive information about how real estate investors can utilize Facebook ads for lead generation purposes.

Successful investors are also featured on this podcast, where they are interviewed to provide insights and tips that sealed the deal for them in this industry. 

Along with his co-host Alex Joungblood, Joe has put up this podcast to make sure that their listeners have an idea of how full-time income can be earned just through real estate. At the end of the day, if you want to get a full grasp of how real estate investment works, then this podcast is just the thing for you.