Check Out These 10 Podcasts That Help Beginners In Real Estate Investing

Nowadays, investing in real estate is the new norm. If you ask the elderly or people who have been in this industry for quite a long, you will realize that real estate is an excellent way of making passive income! Today, many struggle to survive using your government salary only; hence investing can be necessary. 

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Real Estate Investing For Beginners can be tricky; thus, you may be wondering which are the best podcasts to help you in your investment plans. Through such podcasts, you can get ideas of how to invest and the best strategies. 

Through real estate properties, people can make extra income and top up their monthly payments. People end up transforming from tenants to landlords just like that! This means that real estate has never been a bad idea, and you can’t go wrong through real estate. 

Here Are Some Podcasts All About Real Estate Investing, For Beginners!

If you are a newbie in real estate investment, this is where you can get all the information you need about this field. The platform is ideal for beginners, and it was started by a man called Dorkin Joshua. The venue is great for investors to connect and get real experiences about this sector. 

This show helps new investors to discover some new ways of boosting their income from real estate. It has a lot of valid information on real estate, and it’s all offered for free. Through these podcasts, you will have access to a great network of investors, and you can get more information from other members. In the podcasts, you can share some ideas on rental properties with other members, among other things.

The podcast has many episodes which are released weekly, and prominent investors host these. Many investors are interviewed on the shows, and you can learn new things from these investors. 

This is an excellent podcast about real estate, and it’s ideal for beginners. It has great real estate coaches, and it has good video and audio content that educates beginners on real estate. Through this podcast, you can choose how you want to learn about financing your real estate business, among other things such as designing your property, etc. 

The show also gives newbies information about managerial and operational functions of real estate businesses. The podcast is ideal because the shoes last for up to thirty minutes; hence it’s something you can follow easily.

This podcast has been existing since 1997, and it was started by a great investor called Robert Helms. They created this podcast with a financial strategist named Russel Gray. The show is excellent, and it has the most downloads on iTunes. The podcast has interesting shows on real estate, and they are very informative. 

These are all about real estate investment, and people discuss tax matters on the platform, among other things. Through this platform, you can talk to experts and get confident as a newbie in real estate. 

This podcast is hosted by Kathy Fettle, and she is a significant guest on top shows of CNB, CBS, and CNN, among others. Through this podcast, you can learn how to monetize your real estate investment and get more practical strategies and marketing information.

The podcast also advises new real estate investors, and you can learn how to make more money from your property. You also get to hear other investors’ success stories on this podcast. 

The founder of this excellent podcast for real estate is Emily Du Plessis, who owns a real estate investment. She has a website where she also teaches newbies matters of real Estate Investment and how to make additional cash flow. It’s an excellent place for beginners to learn about real estate investment tips and tricks.

You can use this podcast as a new real estate investor, and you will learn educational tips for real estate. The platform has excellent feature content which teaches investors about property value, and you will meet many realtors on the forum. It’s suitable for beginners in real estate because it has fast-paced facts, which are helpful in real estate. 

This podcast was started by Dan Lane and his wife, who own many properties, but they started small. They have created a rental income website since this time, and they generate passive income through this strategy. They are building long-term wealth strategies through this real Estate Investment. Newbies can get information about rental portfolios, managing tenants, among other things, on this platform. 

This is another great platform where you can learn new ways to build your real estate business. The podcast show is hosted by Chris Bruce, who discovered this business in 2009, and he is a great entrepreneur. The host chose this niche to help newbies with informative products of real estate. The show has excellent strategies for beginners in real estate investment; hence you should consider it!

This is an excellent real estate investment podcast that focuses on everything you need to get into real estate investment. The show has a website where listeners can get information on how to multiply their cash. The podcast also had details on selling houses, buying options, leasing, wholesaling, flipping homes, etc. The platform has new weekly shows; hence you can use the forum if you are an upcoming real estate investor.

This is an excellent real estate investment show started by an investor who became a billionaire through private investment. This real estate investor is now a trillionaire with properties that are worth a lot of money nowadays. The shoe advises newbies, and it has many total investment influencers who give newbies ideas on real estate investment. 

As a newbie, you will learn how to make passive income within a short time. The show talks about many platforms, and it had many actionable tips on managing the property.


From all these top podcasts, you can get all the information you need on real estate investment, and you will emerge as a successful investor or realtor. Try any of these podcasts and get all the information you need!

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