Podcast Consultant

Master the Podcasting Space: Tailored Training for Your Team

Elevate your podcasting journey with our premium consultancy package, meticulously designed to empower your team get you booked on podcasts. This exclusive offering includes:

– Comprehensive training on identifying relevant podcasts, accompanied by a curated list of 100 pre-vetted podcasts, ensuring your outreach is always targeted and effective.

– Expert guidance on crafting compelling pitches that capture the attention of podcast hosts, complete with a personalized pitch crafted by our team to set you apart.

– The creation of a custom one-sheet, tailored specifically for your brand, to make a lasting impression on hosts.

– A monthly coaching call to strategize, refine, and elevate your podcasting efforts, providing you with continuous growth opportunities.

– Unlimited email support, granting you direct access to our team of experts whenever you need it, ensuring you’re always supported on your podcast guesting journey.

Invest in your brand’s voice with our consultancy package, priced at $4,997, plus a monthly fee of $997 for six months of unparalleled access to our team’s expertise and support.

Transform your approach to podcasting and amplify your reach with our dedicated guidance.

Alexa Seleno