Podcasting You is the leading podcast booking agency for Alternative Investment Companies.

We Work With

  • Multifamily Investors
  • Commercial Real Estate Investors
  • Industrial Real Estate Investors
  • Self-Storage Investors
  • Mobile Home Park Investors
  • Assisted / Senior Living Investors
  • Short-Term Rental Investors
  • Land Investors 
  • Note Investors
  • Real Estate Attorneys and CPAs
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Oil and Gas Professionals 
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Debt Funds
  • Whiskey and Wine Investment Companies
  • Hard / Private Money Lenders
  • 1031 and DST Specialists
  • Self-Directed IRA Specialists
  • Cost Segregation Experts

Meet The Team

Trevor Oldham


In 2017, Trevor Oldham created Podcasting You in response to the necessity for outstanding real estate investors to have the opportunity to spread their narrative on high-ranking podcasts. So far, Podcasting You has worked with 400+ real estate professionals and booked 6,500+ interviews.

Trevor himself is committed to a NNN Deal, Multifamily, and Self-Storage Development Deal, in addition to investing in mortgage notes and continually enlarging his real estate portfolio.


Kara Douds - Client relations manager

Meet Kara Douds, a skilled client relations manager at Podcasting You, who is passionate about bringing people together with the right audience. Her expertise in this field has helped countless individuals and businesses to expand their reach and grow their brand.

But Kara’s role at Podcasting You doesn’t stop there. As a key member of the team, she also takes on the critical responsibility of onboarding new clients and ensuring that their journey with the company is nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, Kara is dedicated to providing a seamless and top-quality experience that exceeds all expectations.

In addition to her impressive portfolio of skills, Kara also takes on the role of managing all discovery calls at Podcasting You. Her ability to connect with clients and understand their unique needs has made her an invaluable asset to the company. Through her hard work and commitment to excellence, Kara has become an integral part of the Podcasting You team and a trusted partner to clients looking to take their real estate company to the next level. 

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Ashley van gordon - public relations specialist

As the newest addition to the Podcasting You team, Ashley is eager to apply her previous expertise and knowledge to benefit her clients. She is currently in the final year of her studies, pursuing majors in Public Relations and Business at the University of Oregon. In her previous role as a media manager, Ashley successfully pitched her brand, fostered numerous influencer relationships, and received positive media reviews. Building connections with both clients and podcast hosts is something she truly enjoys, aiming to create the optimal experience for all parties involved.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ashley dedicates a significant portion of her time to serving as a fitness instructor in Eugene, Oregon. Her love for staying active and enjoying the outdoors is complemented by the time spent with friends and family.

grace ingram - public relations specialist

Grace is currently navigating her Junior year at the University of Southern California, where her academic focus lies in Communication, coupled with a minor in Podcasting.

Embracing the diverse aspects of communication theory and practice, Grace is driven by a desire to explore the intricate dynamics of podcasting as a powerful medium for storytelling. She has experience in both podcast production and social media and is grateful to be a part of such a dynamic team.


samantha tucker - public relations specialist

Meet Samantha, our public relations specialist who is also an avid podcast-lover herself. With a solid background in case management and customer service spanning over seven years, Samantha brings a wealth of experience to her role at Podcasting You.

With Samantha on board, clients can rest assured that they’ll receive personalized attention and access to high-quality podcasting opportunities tailored to their needs.

Samantha and her husband own a long-term rental property, have experience in short-term rentals, and have interests of their own to broaden and expand their portfolio.

Outside of work, you can find Samantha reading, hiking, baking, or occasionally rock climbing – all while listening to a podcast, of course.


Ava Katz - public relations specialist

Ava Katz, a dedicated Public Relations Specialist for Podcasting you was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. She attended Villanova University in Villanova, PA, and graduated in 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Gender and Women’s Studies.

Ava has previous experience working with NGO’s and Nonprofits within internal and external communications teams, as well as experience working in developing regions. She is excited to connect alternative investment businesses with top-rated podcasts.


taylor asay- executive assistant

Taylor is the executive assistant at Podcasting You. She help things run smoothly as well as keeping everything organized!
Taylor has 7+ years of executive assisting experience. From industries such as software development, fitness manufacturing, IT, and mortgage lending; Taylor has assisted many C level employees as well as VPs.
Taylor and her husband also own a handful of long term rental properties, and know how important investing in real estate is. Besides working as an executive assistant, Taylor is a mom to four children and a darling Goldendoodle Roxy. 


Daisy encourages Trevor to take long walks after a hard days work. She is fond of treats and belly rubs. She’s been known to eat your dinner off the countertop if you walk into another room. Her current pay is 5 dog bones per week.

Alexa Seleno