Top 13 Real Estate Investment Podcasts 

If you are into real estate, one of the best ways to stay in the loop of your industry is by listening to real estate podcasts. More importantly, if you’re just starting out. These podcasts will equip you with valuable information on how to stay relevant in the industry and succeed. 

With podcasts now becoming more popular than ever, real estate moguls are leveraging on it to reach a wider audience. Apparently, it’s a marketing strategy and will also benefit anyone in the niche. 

If you are ready to begin a journey into real estate success, these podcasts below are worth viewing. 

1. Bare Naked Agent 

In this podcast, Pat Hiban; a NewYork Times best-selling author, shares insightful tips on how to invest in real estates, marketing, sales and residential properties. It’s meant for real estate agents and investors alike. It’s also informative for seasoned estate agents and newbies. 

2. Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk 

This podcast is hosted by globally acclaimed real estate trainer, Kelvin Ward. It provides valuable information on real estate skills and strategies. Famed as one of the best real estate podcasts for realtors, it’s a must-watch if you want to excel in the field. 

3. Real Estate Rockstars 

Pat Hiban again is on this one. Here,  the secrets of real estate moguls are stripped bare. You get to learn from there failures and gain insights on how they made it big. Every episode features a new guest and even newer topics, tips and tricks. This podcasts is rich in value, you should try it out. 

4. Bigger Pockets 

Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner sure know how to extract valuable tips from their guests in this real estate podcast. These guests cut across different real estate backgrounds, and the experiences are never the same. You can learn from their experiences and know the field better. 

5. Real Estate Today Radio 

If you want to stay informed on the market trends and basics, this radio offers you that and more. Founded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the podcast is aimed at helping people get properties of their choice with relevant information. Hosted by Stephen Gasque, you’ll never run out of real estate educational resources. 

6. Keeping it Real 

While this podcast was created for real estate brokers, it provides value to listeners who are in the real estate industry regardless of specialization. The episodes can range from normal interviews to market insights and trends. At the end, every listener is twice as equipped on tips about the industry prior to listening. 

7. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience 

This podcast is hosted by Tom Ferry; a serial real estate and business coach. It’s informative, insightful and inspiring for every listener as it covers a broad range of real estate tips and tricks. From one episode to another, you will learn of all it takes to succeed in the field and how the barons made it. 

8. Unlisted with Brad Inman 

Here, Brad Inman trigger guests to reveal the basics and deeper insights on how real estate agents can thrive in a competitive niche. The podcast is more beneficial for those losing the drive to continue. It’s inspiring and will motivate you to keep going even when you are at ground zero. 

9. The School of Greatness 

Although not exclusive to real estate, it’s still great for real estate agents. It’s a school of greatness and every real estate business man out there wants to be great. This podcast is hosted by Lewis Howes, a former professional football player and author. His guests are drawn for the elite crop of various disciplines and they will surely inspire greatness out of you. 

10. Jared James Today 

Jared James who is a renowned real estate mentor and coach runs this podcast. Listening to it entitles you to pragmatic tips and tricks on how to thrive out there in the real estate world. 

11. Think Realty Radio 

Gain in-depth insights on the real estate industry as Abhi Goldhar and his guests school you through everything real estate. From financing to interior designs, you are entitled to a lot of information. 

12. Rental Rookie 

Learn all you need to know about the basics of investing in rental properties from this podcast hosted by Emily Du Plessis. It runs weekly and a great place to start if you want to do rentals. 

13. The Real Wealth Show 

Hosting this one, is Kathy; a best selling real estate author in the rental niche. This weekly podcast highlights the abundant possibilities available for new comers and veteran real estate investors alike. 

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