Having trouble finding quality leads for your real estate business? Want to learn how other investors connect with accredited investors from around the globe? Trevor Oldham can help! Trevor is the Founder and CEO of Podcasting You, the leading podcast booking agency for real estate investors. He launched Podcasting You in 2017 after he saw a need to help exceptional real estate investors like you share their stories on top-rated podcasts. To date, Podcasting You has worked with investors from all real estate product types to help them raise capital, generate more exposure, and increase their networking opportunities. Listening in, you’ll not only learn how guests can optimize their interviews and provide value for listeners, but how being a guest will improve your overall business, plus a whole lot more! For a true value-add conversation that is full of actionable advice, make sure to tune in today.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The high-level origin story of Podcasting You.
  • Insight into Trevor’s business model and what it looks like to work with him.
  • How Podcasting You guides clients to refine their stories.
  • Ways you can optimize your interviews as a podcast guest.
  • Why Trevor believes that the best guests “open the door to value.”
  • Tips for becoming a better guest.
  • What not to do if you’re invited to be a guest on a podcast.
  • How to prepare for an interview (without sounding overly scripted.)
  • Understanding how being a guest can impact your business.
  • Advice for quantifying the benefits of being a guest.
  • What to consider when deciding whether to start your own podcast or be a guest.
  • The role that personal networking has played in building Trevor’s business.
  • How Podcasting You has been impacted by the current economic climate.

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