Every once in a while, we come across an idea that we know would help or inspire other people, but we’re all to wary and afraid of sharing it with the world.


On this episode of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth is joined by Trevor Oldham of Podcasting You, on a very thoughtful discussion about the basics of podcasting, whether you do it yourself or guesting in another podcast.


“You look back when you first started, like I made some dumb mistakes, but here I am three, four, five years later down the road and, and it was all worth it.” – Trevor Oldham



Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

✅ The benefits of a podcast

✅ Having your own podcast versus going into others

✅ Getting over the confidence hump

✅ Getting better with repetition

✅ Tips on getting on other people’s podcasts.

✅ Notes on Podcasting

✅ Production over perfection

✅ How Podcasting You helps clients

✅ Trevor’s Freedom Four

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