Welcome to Episode #055 of the Road to Wealth Podcast, where hosts Randy Mbouge and Trevor Oldham engage in a captivating conversation on “How He Built a Podcast Business and Invests in Real Estate Now.” In this insightful episode, Trevor shares his entrepreneurial journey, from building a successful podcast business to venturing into real estate investments.


The episode kicks off with Trevor delving into the origins of his podcast business, unraveling the challenges and triumphs that shaped its growth. Listeners are treated to an insider’s perspective on the strategic decisions, collaborations, and key lessons that paved the way for Trevor’s success in the podcasting realm.

As the conversation seamlessly transitions, Trevor opens up about his foray into real estate investments. From the initial steps and learning curves to the strategies employed in navigating the real estate market, he shares valuable insights for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios through real estate.

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