Become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Listening To These 8 Podcasts

Do you want to be a millionaire real estate investor? Have you always dreamed of building wealth and attaining financial freedom through your real estate business? Every savvy real estate investor understands the significance of real estate education in achieving such goals. 

Podcasts are here to help you learn the education in digestible chunks and grow your expertise without feeling incredulous. Through podcasts, you get to know multiple new experiences and ideas that boost your real estate investing. 

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Here we have listed down the best podcasts you may have to consider while on your way to become a millionaire real estate investor. So without further ado, let’s discuss them!

Top Podcasts to Consider To Be a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Various real estate podcasts pop up every day, making it challenging for an investor to know which one is worth the time. So here is a list of some top podcasts for 2021 you may need to consider while on your way to become a millionaire.

The BiggerPockets by Brandon Turner and David Greene is worth considering a podcast as it includes candid interviews with the industry’s experts having varying niches, experience level, and multiple backgrounds. 

While listening to the podcast, you feel like sitting with good friends and sharing their unique experiences, failures, and many lessons they have learnt, and keeps them motivated or encouraged to move in life. This one is really a worth-listening podcast with exciting information and actionable advice for real estate investors. You can give it a try!

Here comes an award-winning real estate podcast is the best resource for the new and seasoned professional investors to gain knowledge, useful information about creating passive income through investment. This is the trusted source of update and relevant information about an investment. The founder and host of this podcast— Clayton Morris believes the most efficient way to build wealth and get financial freedom is through real estate. 

He wants to help other investors achieve their goals by building a knowledge base and gain enough experience through others experiences. All his episodes motivate the audience to leave 9-5 jobs, do something to be financially stable or more than that.

Another fantastic podcast hosted by Rod Khlief— Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing is a mind-changing podcast, where Rod— an experienced and professional real estate investor in the U.S., share his knowledge and help others to be financially successful. He owns about 200 rentals, and among the top real estate investors. 

He invites senior property managers, advisors, and ask them about their success and failure stories, about building business, and how they made a lot of money using effective multi-family real estate investing. So this could be a life-changing podcast for you!

The Real Wealth Show is one of the best and effective real estate podcasts. It was started back in 2003 and is hosted by a talented investor, and the talented author of the best-selling book (Retire Rich with Rentals) — Kathy Fettke. 

She shares her unique experiences, detailed insights, and effective tips related to the real estate industry and invite many other famous real estate experts to share their business experiences. This podcast covers topics like creating passive income, avoiding costly mistakes, building a strong portfolio, etc. 

You will get to learn about self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, private money lending, and creating financing for living a good life. This podcast is dedicated to those who want to build real wealth and invest their time doing something valuable.

This podcast is hosted by Aaron Amuchastegui, who have great experience in this field, and discuss very interesting and easy-to-follow investing strategies. He has very vast knowledge to share with the audience, and he does so in most of his podcasts. The Real Estate Rockstars is another podcast to checkout as this is beyond a simple podcast. 

You get to listen to interesting strategies to apply for making money. He invites expert guests on every episode, with actionable and advance answers to questions. You can check out this podcast if you are really looking for more than basic knowledge.

The WealthAbility Show by Tom Wheelwright is the leading real estate podcast for investors. He is a famous speaker and a tax expert. The fact why he is famous is Wheelwright is Robert Kiyosaki’s personal tax advisor. He has years of experience and provides his audience with proven effective strategies for paying less and building huge wealth. 

This show really deserves to be at the top spot. The host invites guests who are real investor geniuses and top-rated financial advisors. They come on the show and talk about reducing taxes, taking full control of your money. He brings you to the way to apply all the good principles to your real estate investment business. So if you want to become a millionaire real estate investor, then you should consider this podcast.

This Jack Bosch’s podcast is the best source for getting expert advises on how to invest in the real estate. He is a long-time successful investor, bestselling author, and a great speaker. He has his wife has garnered years of industry experience through land flipping. Both of them have built their huge investing business from the ground up, and that’s truly inspiring for beginners and seasoned professionals. 

They both actually went from 0 to 1 million in less than 2 years, and that’s a true example of becoming a millionaire real estate investor through hard work. They have expanded their useful knowledge base and have almost 4,000 plus properties that were bought and sold. So surely they can better guide on what things work, and how they work.

This amazing podcast gives you access to useful tools and financing strategies, including real estate investing. Although this podcast doesn’t solely focus on real estate, it provides thoughtful information about becoming financially saving through smart investing. You can give Listen Money Matters a try, and see how it can help you change your mindset. 

Final Words

There are multiple ways and multiple resourcing by using which you can get involved in real estate investing. There are several powerful real estate podcasts with industry-leading experts who are ready to help you make your fortune. You can use these podcasts to learn about investment and adhere to the experts advise to minimize mistakes and maximize the chances of growth.

Always remember, don’t get stalled by information paralysis. You need to learn what you can, or what motivates you. You need to take note of things you actually watch out for so that you can avoid wrong decisions in life.

Sooner or later, you will have to knock a certain door to test your fortune and live a life you have always dreamed of. So what do you think of this podcasts list? Which podcast would you consider worth listening? Do you have any other suggestions to add in this list? Do let us know by commenting below.

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