Using Podcasts to Grow Your Brand

We have Trevor Oldham on the show today to promote his company, Podcasting You. This company was created to pair real estate investors with podcasts host to grow their brand AND their business. Trevor shares how to be a great guest, what equipment you should use, and whether or not you should start your OWN podcast. If you want to be featured on podcasts, this is a must-listen!

In 2017, Trevor Oldham created Podcasting You in response to the necessity for outstanding real estate investors to have the opportunity to spread their narrative on high-ranking podcasts. So far, Podcasting You has worked with 400+ real estate professionals and booked 6,500+ interviews.

Trevor himself is committed to a NNN Deal, Multifamily, and Self-Storage Development Deal, in addition to investing in mortgage notes and continually enlarging his real estate portfolio.

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