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How To Become the go-to expert in the real estate space in 14 days!

Raise capital, generate more exposure, and increase your networking opportunities even if you don’t have any connections! 

Most real estate investors never achieve their full potential because they lack the connections, exposure, and credibility necessary. 

What if… What if you were the go-to expert in your real estate niche and were flooded with new opportunities, clients, leads, and connections? 

How is this possible? 

The answer is through podcast guest marketing! 

With podcast guest marketing, you’re able to reach thousands of real estate and accredited investors across the country.

Here is why two investors love podcast guest marketing . 


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Our company, Podcasting You has also been featured in… list of featured places / images. 

Why podcast guesting? 

  • You are a guest on real estate podcasts that truly align with your ideal customers.
  • We create a dedicated landing page for each interview to track your success.  
  • No need to spend hours doing research or writing a pitch. We write it for you.
  • Your promo materials are on us.
  • You’re 101% ready for interviews because we prepare you for them.
  • We coach you in getting over the initial inexperience if it’s your first time to appear as a guest.
  • You’re granted access to your interview for social media promotion.

According to Music Oopmh, 45% of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000+. 

To learn how Podcast Guesting can help your real estate business, schedule a free ($97 value) consultation with our team below. 


On this call, our team will learn more about your business and walk you through how podcast guesting works to see how it can help your business. 

As a bonus, for scheduling your free consultation our Founder, Trevor Oldham will interview you on our podcast ($497 value)!

Schedule your free ($97 value) consultation with our team to avoid our next price hike.

Alexa Seleno