Join hosts Vince and Justin as they interview Trevor Oldham, the founder of In this revealing conversation, Trevor shares his journey from podcasting to entrepreneurship, and the strategies he used to build his business. Discover how he transitioned from relying on podcasting income to creating a successful business model.

Learn about the essential tools for starting a podcast, including the importance of having a quality microphone and a professional media kit. Trevor also shares his insights on how to get booked on podcasts, and the value of personalizing each pitch to the podcast host. He further highlights how leaving a positive review can boost your chances of getting booked.

In this interview, Trevor also discusses his favorite productivity tool, Before Sunset. He explains how he uses it to plan his week, set repeatable tasks and align his to-do list with his calendar for maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone interested in improving their productivity, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Connect with Trevor Oldham on LinkedIn or check out his services at

1. 00:11 – 🎙️ Vince introduces the show and guests.
2. 00:22 – 📊 Trevor Oldham’s introduction and background.
3. 01:00 – 🎤 Trevor discusses starting his own podcast.
4. 01:27 – 💡 Trevor’s journey to monetize his podcast.
5. 02:15 – 🚀 Transition to focusing on real estate investors.
6. 03:24 – 💼 Trevor talks about his journey into real estate investment.
7. 07:13 – 📊 Trevor shares his strategy for investing in real estate.
8. 10:17 – 🎯 Tips for starting in syndication and real estate investments.
9. 13:34 – 🎬 Trevor shares tips for getting booked on podcasts.
10. 18:22 – 🛠️ Recommendations for tools to use when starting a podcast.
11. 19:38 – 🧩 Trevor discusses how he plans his week using Before Sunset.
12. 21:52 – 🗣️ Trevor shares benefits of joining a public speaking club.
13. 23:24 – 🎧 Justin discusses his approach to hosting a podcast.
14. 25:10 – 🌐 Trevor shares how to connect with him and final thoughts.
15. 33:52 – 👋 Wrap up and where to find more about Trevor.

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