Tim offers a creative approach to epic dentistry business practices in 2019.

Tim is CEO of The LifeStone Companies and he knows dentists. Tim is a recognized thought leader in the dental industry, a regular speaker for dental societies, and a contributing author for popular dental publications. He was asked to contribute the forward to a special edition of: “Becoming Seriously Wealthy: How to Harness the Strategies of The Super Rich and Ultra Wealth Business Owners.” 

*Tim has extensive knowledge of the Super Rich - those with at least $500 Million. He makes those strategies available to everyone, no matter their level or net worth*

Topics Tim speaks on:

  • Elite wealth management: How the right wealth management team can help dentists achieve their most important goals

  • Millionaire intelligence: What the Super Rich know that the rest of us don’t

  • Lessons from successful dentists: The strategies they are using to maximize their personal wealth

  • Family office insights: The sophisticated, advanced, wealth strategies family offices are using right now to grow and protect the wealthy 

  • Your best life: The secrets of the Super Rich for achieving the highest possible quality of life

Questions to ask Tim: 

  1. How are elite wealth managers using Super Rich solutions to help dentists accelerate their success even more? 

  2. What are the mindsets and behaviors dentists should adopt to support extreme wealth creation? 

  3. What are the solutions being used by successful dentists right now to increase their cash flow and mitigate their taxes? 

  4. What solutions can successful dentists borrow from family offices to create and manage exceptional wealth? 

  5. What are the Super Rich doing to live lives of greater abundance and longevity?

Tim’s website:  https://www.lifestoneco.com

Tim’s personal story: https://youtu.be/QqlVwz9D3XU

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