These 7 Podcasts Help Real Estate Investing For Beginners

Real Estate Investing for beginners can be hard, but you can get everything you need to know as you venture into this business from some podcasts. These podcasts are informative, and they give people interested in real estate the essential things to know about this business. 

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These podcasts leave clients feeling excited as they into this booming business. It’s hard for beginners to determine whether they should focus on selling or renting homes, flipping homes, or getting the funds to bring their real estate vision to reality. That’s why you should listen to these REI podcasts, perfect for those of you starting out in real estate.

These Are the Top 7 Real Estate Investing For Beginners Podcasts

When you venture into the real estate business, the best place to learn about the tips and facts is through these podcasts.

Among all the podcast shows, this was created by Joe Fairless, and it helps investors who are venturing into the real estate business. The show is known as the longest-running podcast, which is quite informative.

This show airs daily, and it helps build investors because it interviews professional real estate investors. These investors advise the upcoming investors, and in this show, you can easily gain financial success tips from real estate. 

This podcast is relatively straightforward, and the host Joe Fairless avoids fluff and lengthening the commercial breaks in this podcast. That’s what makes the podcast interesting. In this podcast, you get quick access to real estate information and advice. 

Initially, the director of this podcast was working in an advertisement company, and then he moved to project management roles. That’s why Joe Fairless has made this show a great success, and it’s quite informative to the real estate beginners. He started small as a rental properties owner, and the business generated his monthly income back then. He joined private investment later and was able to raise large sums of money. To date, he controls many real estate businesses which produce a lot of money.

This is another great podcast for real estate beginners, especially if you want to learn about profitable deals in this business. The podcast airs on Mondays, and the host is Mike Richardson. The host is an investment consultant and a senior product analyst and he reveals a lot about traditional real estate investments and properties. 

The podcast also has some listing agents who will give you a clear description of all the information you need to hear about real estate investment. Listening to this podcast will enable you to identify the best real estate deals. The podcast has episodes that list all the investment properties that are up for sale.

This show’s host is Theriault Matt, and he believes that everyone needs to join the real estate business. He believes that everyone can make it in this business. The podcast works best for beginners as it motivates them to keep pushing harder to generate more income. 

This podcast believes in investors’ potential, and you will gain financial knowledge from the podcast. Through this show, you will learn about the courses designed for beginners throughout their investment journey.

This podcast works excellent for both beginners in real estate investment and the experts. The host of this podcast is J. Massey and the show aims to help and inspire people to excel in their real estate goals. The goal of this podcast is to help people get a high cash flow from their businesses. Massey has many years of experience in financial services and real estate. He has an entity that gives him an increased cash flow. From his experience, he has an excellent reputation; hence, you should listen to real estate developers’ advice. 

If you dream about being a boss and watching your businesses thrive, real estate is the best business. You can get all the information you need to venture into this business by watching these podcast shows. 

Through this podcast, you can learn from investors, and you will learn from the success, failures, and motivation of successful real estate investors. That’s why this is the ultimate podcast for you!

The hosts of this podcast are Brandon Turner and David Greene, the co-host. Through this show, you can access all the essential advice from several investors and professionals in this business. The show is aired weekly; hence you can learn a lot per week. 

The shows mostly talk about the courses, guru systems, boot camps, and other strategies to succeed in this business of real estate investment.  This podcast has almost one million listeners, and many are beginners in real estate investing.

All the serious real estate investors can attest that this is a great podcast. In this podcast, you will learn how to do things right as you venture into this business. The host is Tyler Sheff, who is a successful entrepreneur in this real estate business. 

The host has built a lot of passive income through this business, and he doesn’t believe that you need a corporate job to succeed in this life. As long as you have a place to earn passive income, you can make a lot. 

This podcast has several wealth tips which benefit the investors, and it gives people tips on how to fix and flip properties. If you are looking to learn how to hold or buy properties, wholesale, etc., you should listen to these podcast shows.  

Through this podcast, you will learn more about individual retirement investments, leasing options, tax deeds, etc. The podcast gives some practical solutions that can help you acquire the resources for achieving real estate investment success. 

The host of this real estate podcast is Kevin Bupp, who is a renowned real estate investor. In this podcast, he overlooks the intelligent methods of building wealth through real estate investment. The show primarily focuses on the wholesaling, flipping, and fixing of residential homes, among other things. The show talks about leveraging the commercial properties and production of a steady cash flow from passive investments.

You should listen to this podcast if you want to learn about the various elevating business methods. The podcast is also designed to help investors transition to more profitable real estate investments.


If you aspire to be a successful real estate owner and have a passion for this business, you should listen to these podcasts. Find the podcast that meets your needs and goals! 

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