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How to get clients lining up to purchase from you

Discover how you can quickly become the leading authority in your niche everyone wants to work with

Did you know that most entrepreneurs never achieve their full income potential simply because they do not know how to attract the right clients? 

These entrepreneurs like you often struggle for years with cash flow, finding new clients, and wondering if they can make payroll.

Every entrepreneur has a story of the business that got away because they just were not positioned to have clients come to them.

What if… what if you could instantly have clients finding you and looking to you as the solution to their problem? Imagine if you woke up to a calendar of new appointments each day!   

But how do they find you?

Where are the people who need the solution that your business solves? How do you find them? And how do you connect with them? 

How to quickly get connected with leaders in your niche

After years of working with successful entrepreneurs, I discovered how to get the attention of people who are chomping at the bit to learn from a smart, hard working entrepreneur that will help them grow their business.   

At Podcasting You we have handpicked the entrepreneur shows…where your ideal clients are listening… we have your audience. 

And after years of helping hundreds of clients in this space, we know how to craft the perfect pitch for you. You can get the connections to develop the relationships so your potential clients can find you in minutes by putting the word out to the right audience. 

No other service in the world has the unique experience to help you

Of course you could spend hours and hours: 

  • researching and writing your pitch 
  • trying to find the right podcasts  
  • learning what you need to send each podcast host 
  • following-up with shows that didn’t respond 

and ….

  • learning how to prepare for each interview 
  • showing up for the interview 
  • finding out when your interview is going to live
  • investigating if you can link to or get a copy of your recorded interview and in what format 

But we made this easy for you… in addition to booking and scheduling you on the right shows we do everything listed above for you!
You just show up virtually for the interviews from wherever you are.  

Even if you have never done a single podcast interview we coach you and make this easy!  

At Podcasting You, we work with entrepreneurs like yourself who have been on 0 podcasts to those who have been on many podcast episodes to help you get booked on entrepreneur podcasts.

After we have our initial consultation to make sure you qualify to be an expert guest our team can draft your promotional materials (pitch and one sheet) to get you pitched within one week. 

By week two of working with us, you could be having your first podcast interview!


Now you may be wondering if you’ve never been on a podcast before, can you still be a guest?

Yes! Podcast hosts are always looking for new and interesting guests to share their real estate investing experience.

How many podcast interviews can I do per month?

This answer depends on your availability, but we find most people like to do between 2-6 interviews per month.

Do I need any equipment? 

Yes! On our consultation call, we review the best mics to use for your interviews.

How Soon Can I Get Booked?

Once you start working with us, by week two you’ll have your first podcast interview. At the end of the first month, you’ll have made connections, become comfortable, and be on your way to having access to get the great real estate deals.

Imagine if you could pick and choose the best clients. How much more money could you earn? 

You could quickly build a client database that every entrepreneur would envy. You could hire the support you need, delegate the details, and work part-time while you enjoy your life. 

Live in your dream house, travel the world, help others, all while knowing you are financially set for life.

Why Podcasting You?

  • We craft the best professional pitch when representing you
  • We get you booked you on high-quality shows within your niche
  • We prepare you for your interview to make sure you crush it
  • We follow-up with the host to make sure you have access to your interview for social media promotion
  • We have the connections in the industry that someone starting out won’t have
  • We help establish credibility and thought leadership
  • We teach you how to use podcast interviews to generate more leads and clients

“Working with Podcasting You has saved me so much time. They are efficient and extremely organized. I’ve landed major podcasts, and didn’t have to do any of the research, reaching out, following up, scheduling, etc – a dream! I have been absolutely above satisfied with my time using Podcasting You!”

Maggie Berghoff

Podcast hosts are now booking guests for fall and winter 2020-21!

Apply now to see if you qualify to be the next great podcast guest every host is looking to have on their show

Alexa Seleno