The Top 9 Podcasts Every Business Consultant Should Listen To

The amount of data produced by society is growing at a rapid pace. According to companies’ forecasts, manufacturers of hard drives, and flash drives, it will increase to 163 zettabytes by 2025. But such a flow of information only complicates the choice for busy people who want to receive high-quality educational material. 

Often, a business person does not have time to choose which TV shows or magazines to watch. He learns new things while relaxing or between activities, for example, listening to audio while jogging or walking. 

Business podcasts are a type of blog that conveys information in audio format. They gained popularity back in the early 2000s when Apple actively promoted such a format in its software. Today, there are podcasts, even on social networks.

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What Are the Main Benefits of Business Podcasts?

Here are the benefits of business podcasts.

  • Background Learning and Recreation

There are many channels for developing specialists and consultants, which analyze cases from the practice of entrepreneurs or interview experts. Recently, humor broadcasts and talk shows have gained popularity. So, one of the most popular presenters of this direction in America was Joe Rogan. In his programs, he meets with world stars, businessmen, and athletes.

  • Convenient Listening Format

There are special applications to download a file if you have the Internet to work with business podcasts. If you download it to your device, then there will be no freezing at the time of listening, even if the Internet is lost. This makes the content available when flying in an airplane or traveling in areas with no connection. 

  • A Diverse Selection of Platforms and Themes

The user can choose services that will make him feel comfortable with any electronic device. The advantage of applications is that the files are automatically updated. It is enough to set this option inside the program, and the old releases after listening will be deleted on their own, and the new ones will be loaded.

  • Inspiration

You will get inspiration from some of the discussion topics if you wish to become a business coach. Discussions in business podcasts outline different things that can help you become a good business consultant with time. You can note down all the points that will help you understand all the areas to improve in this profession. 

The Best Business Podcasts for Consultants

Here are some of the best business podcasts to listen to as a consultant.

  • Startup Meets Corporate 

It is a podcast produced by the Startup Daily portal, which tells about the Australian startup community. The presenters talk with representatives of large corporations in Australia and New Zealand and ask guests how they work with startups, why they grow them in their businesses or buy ready-made ones, and how they help these companies stay in the competitive field.

This markets itself as a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and consultants who can take a few notes. Two presenters talk about how to become a good leader. The girls talk about the important habits for this to be acquired and advise on how to do it, about the lifestyle and mindset that must be if you want to be a cool boss. They invite American millionaires and entrepreneurs to visit. 

It is a project by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. The entrepreneur’s guests are appropriate: Kevin Systrom, the creator of Instagram, tells his success stories; Steward Butterfield, co-founder of Slack; Mark Zuckerberg (needs no introduction) and others. These names should already make you open the link.

This podcast has a very unusual concept – it’s for introverted entrepreneurs. Consultants can also learn a few things or two from the podcast to sharpen their consultancy skills when dealing with such businesses.

The presenter, Beth Below, is a part-time business coach who, in her practice, met with businessmen of this closed type and helped them achieve success. She talks about her experience, invites introverted entrepreneurs to visit and other experts who can suggest what to do if you are a closed person. Still, you want to be successful in business.

It is a collection of motivational stories of 10-15 minutes that are published every day. They tell about people who unexpectedly changed their field of activity and found another source of income. For example, a professor started a YouTube channel, a journalist started a blog about finance; a boxer began to make money selling painkillers. All these characters talk about the difficulties that they overcame and what happened in the end. 

Michael Zipursky, an entrepreneur, elite consultant coach, and Consulting Success CEO, is a podcaster. He has interviewed a wide range of successful consultants in this podcast. Here, you will learn some proven principles, mindsets, and strategies that will help you attract more clients, boost your income, improve your consulting business and live a life full of true freedom with meaningful success. You can visit the Consulting Success blog for more information. 

At The Pitch, real startups meet real investors and consultants. If the idea and the prototype of the product catch on, startups receive investment; if not, they understand the direction for further development. The podcast immerses you in the world of venture capital business and helps you understand what is going on in investors’ minds and how this can be influenced. 

The podcast’s name translates as “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” – which means there will be conversations with businessmen who are on horseback right now and whose views have not yet become outdated.

Discuss everything that worries business. What does it mean to be a good entrepreneur, and how to become one? How to beat procrastination and keep your routine from blurring your focus? How do you use innovations like the virtual assistant? New episodes are released every two to three days, so podcast maniacs won’t have to wait long.

This podcast by Philip Morgan helps you understand how you can become a highly paid specialist who is always in demand. It is everyone’s dream to be self-employed, work for great clients, and earn more. The different topics of discussion in this podcast will help you understand how you can achieve this. 

How to Choose the Right Business Podcast

You should be careful when looking for a business podcast to listen to. One of the things you should consider is the topics discussed in the podcast. The business field is wide, and you can choose a podcast that mostly covers the areas where you specialize the most. You will come across some whose topics major in the field of business consultancy. Pay close attention to this to get the best podcast. 

You can also consider the audio quality of a specific podcast channel. Not so many people have invested in their broadcasts’ quality, which might affect your listening experience. You will not be able to get all the messages you need from a specific podcast clearly. Pay attention to this essential factor to choose a business podcast that will grant you the best listening experience. 

Various online reviews can guide you in choosing some of the best business podcasts available. They have listed some of the best podcasts and the kind of content to expect from them. Take your time to read these reviews to choose the best business podcast.

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