The Latest Top Personal Development Podcasts

Making deliberate decisions to improve your life is an innate desire of every human being. One of the best ways to make such resolutions is by learning from experienced people through podcasts. At the moment, we have compiled the best personal development podcasts that will bring you closer to your dreams.

The most exciting thing about these podcasts is that you can introduce them into your schedule seamlessly. For instance, you could listen to them while driving, taking a walk, or even eating. With these top personal development podcasts from 2020, you can learn positive habits, unlearn your bad habits, and oversee your self-improvement and growth.

Top Personal Development Podcasts for the Year

 Our compilation follows no particular order, and the podcasts are hosted by renowned authors and bloggers who have been consistent over the years. You can get most of the podcasts on Spotify or iTunes.

OLD has been on-air since 2015. Hosted by the award-winning Justin Malik, a renowned Podcaster, you get the best motivational content for productivity, self-development, educational rebirth, and related topics. Therefore, it was not surprising when the podcast’s success led to the birth of four more shows, which cover personal finance and health.

Asides from the critical acclaims, the podcast has gotten over 100 million downloads and has a worldwide listener base. 30 episodes are released every year. If you are looking to revamp your life step-by-step, Optimal Living Daily is one of the best personal development podcasts for you because of its unique approach.

Paul Clough’s personal development unplugged is exceptional for its simplicity. The bi-weekly podcast has been on-air since 2015, and its practical approach to ease understanding and help individuals take charge of their lives has yielded remarkable results.

Allison Carmen is a bestselling author, attorney, and business consultant. She blogs for several top posts, including Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and Thrive Global. Her 10 Minutes to Less Suffering podcast explores the different techniques for anxiety and stress reduction. Stress is a major part of our lives, and sometimes, only 10 minutes might be all you need to make noticeable changes.

The show Podcast was established in 2018. Since its inception, it has become one of the best personal development podcasts for self-growth and business. The podcast regularly interviews leading experts in their field and releases an episode every day. For a long, it has been touted as the show that motivates you to dig into the untapped wealth and wisdom of some of the world’s smartest minds.

Many of us are stuck in unproductive routines and behavioral dispositions. Anthony Ongaro describes “twitch” as that impulsive response to anything thrown at you. This includes impulse purchases, endless scrolling on your mobile phone, and so on.

The Break the Twitch podcast shares valuable tips on conditioning yourself to build a conscious mindset alongside better habits. The podcast places more emphasis on deep conversations with learned guests. More so, it has built an amazing online community that helps people build better habits.

Sometimes, one of the best ways to improve yourself is through fitness and wellness. Chalene Johnson’s show has become a top personal development podcast because of the invaluable tips on wellness, fitness, diet, and self-help.

The celebrity fitness trainer enlightens listeners on the path to better health and happiness through nutrition. She created the 131 Method: A revolutionary “anti-diet.” If you are seeking to revamp your lifestyle, you should consider listening to this podcast.

The Personality Hacker podcast shows people how to make the most of their mental processes. It is based on the knowledge that you can optimize every aspect of your life, including job satisfaction, communication, family, and happiness through the way you think.

Personality Hacker teaches you to make a better decision by leveraging how your mind works. It answers questions relating to being born with a personality or developing one over time based on life experiences.

Everyone has natural gifts and if you are looking for a fast way to hone your skills, join Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge to discuss changes needed in your life. An episode of the podcast is released every month.

This podcast focuses on improving your life daily through everyday habits. We engage in day-to-day behaviours that determine the overall outlook of our lives. Gregg Clunis is committed to exploring simple strategies that could reshape your life and guarantee results with Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

James started this show back in 2014 as a part of his personal development podcasts. However, it has since evolved to become a regular feature in the top-10 rated podcasts every year. The show has gotten almost 40 million downloads, and James has reached out to over 500 peak performers, including Mark Cuban, Sir Richard Branson, and Suzanne Somers.

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and writer. Remarkably, he started 20 companies out of which 17 failed. Yet, instead of discussing the regular success story, James takes listeners on a journey to knowing yourself and conquering your worst fears of failures and bad habits.

Self-discovery marks the beginning of your road to greatness. Kacie Main’s podcast helps listeners to discover hidden parts of themselves and other perspectives to their stories. By having real, honest conversations with people from different fields, Kacie helps people become better versions of themselves. Your relationship with yourself remains the most complicated one you would ever be in, and Kacie hopes to make life better for every listener. The Better You Podcast ensures that you utilize your potentials to the fullest.

Kara Goldin holds interviews with innovative professionals in wellness, business, and lifestyle industries. Unstoppable has remained an entrepreneurial focus in her personal development niche of podcasts.

Kara is the CEO, Hint, a Keynote speaker, and an entrepreneur. She speaks to top company executives and has been named as one of the most powerful women entrepreneurs. Thus, it is not surprising that her podcasts are among the best personal development podcasts.

Short-term wins are a common thing. However, sustained or continuous achievement remains an issue for most people. New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt shows listeners how to combine their current research and information with timeless wisdom to guarantee long-lasting success.

Lead to Win helps you to improve your desire for more personal productivity, development, and self-leadership. Furthermore, it transforms such strengths into team leadership and increased influence in your world. The podcast provides listeners with insights and tools needed to succeed in their workplace and in their relationships.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you might have already found your favorite podcasts out there. However, the bottom line is that you get the inspiration to take you to the next level with our best personal development podcasts out there. We are confident these podcasts will be helpful both now and in the future in your journey to personal development. See you at the top!

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