The real estate industry is booming with leaps and bounds, and although it is generating opportunities for newbies simultaneously, the competition is getting fierce. According to a survey conducted in 2016, almost 444,000 people were employed as real estate agents. If you plan to have your own real estate business, you might need guidance to market it efficiently. 

So, here in this text, we will discuss the best real estate marketing podcasts of 2021 that you need to listen to for guidance.

Marketing is one of the key ingredients to ensure your presence and business survival. It helps the business maintain its income stream and create new opportunities persistently. 

Real Estate Coaching Radio

The husband and wife duo is breaking the internet with 100,000 regular listeners. Listening to this podcast is necessary if you are a rookie in the real estate industry. It features interviews with leading experts in the industry, including renowned real estate executives. Although the podcast is not dedicated to marketing, only episodes like “coming soon strategies” will equip you with practical and potent marketing tips. 

Modern American Realtor, A Wright Brothers Podcast

Presented by two brothers Corey and Casey Wright, Modren American Realtors is a podcast that unveils real estate agents’ technology, marketing, and business strategies to cater to the altering market requirements. They are highly experienced real estate agents with extensive knowledge of digital marketing. 

Agent Caffeine

To invigorate the sales and marketing motivation of the real estate agents, Kelly Mitchel started a podcast with the agent caffeine. The podcast has released 240 episodes to date, and it’s only the beginning. If you are looking for some workable marketing tips, put agent caffeine on your must-listen podcasts list.

Mobile Agent TV

Technology is altering everything around us, so it is only justified if it has offered its services in the marketing field. Listen to Mobile Agent TV to learn how to use the latest technology to market your real estate business. The podcast assists real estate agents in learning to interact with clients, upload virtual tours, host webinars, and many more. Even if technology is not your cup of tea, you can still learn some essential tips to change your marketing game. 

Real Estate Realities

Real estate realities is a podcast that discusses the strategies, tips, and tricks of achieving their real estate goals. Hosted by Rober Whitelaw is a must to understand the reasonably complicated world of real estate. Although the show is not a dedicated marketing podcast for the real estate industry, it offers exclusive insights by arranging interviews with the legends of this industry. 

Super Agents Live

One of the most sought podcasts with hundreds of positive reviews and many listeners is Super Agents Live. The podcast gained fame by interviewing 400+ masterminds of the real estate industry, which proved extremely helpful for the newbies in the real estate field. Super Agents Live offers exciting and latest information regarding lead generation, marketing, sales, and more.

The Agents Of Change Podcast

Change is crucial to surviving the time game. If you fail to change your approach to changing times, you might not survive the competition. To learn how to transform your old and outdated marketing strategies into contemporary and successful ones. The podcasts frequently invite Amy Porterfield and Joe Pulizzi, real estate industry and marketing experts. 

Real Estate Strategy Lab

You can listen to Real estate Strategy Lab for ultimate marketing tips to keep you ahead in the marketing game. The podcasts add multiple shows to keep you hydrated with real-time marketing guidance every month. So if you need a pro marketing tip, do listen to the Real Estate strategy lab. 

Real Estate Rockstars Radio

The best way to learn the dos and don’ts of the real estate field is through the life experiences of a successful agent. At Real Estate Rockstar Radio, Agent Pat Hiban shares highly effective marketing strategies that confirm your success. Along with equipping the listeners with real-time tips, he also interviews real estate gurus to share their experience and business tips.

Top Agents Playbook

Hosted by Ray Wood, the podcast is a platform that brings together pro real estate gurus from worldwide to share their experiences and tips. Being a rookie, it would be crucial to have some tips folded up in your sleeves to get clients. This motivational show can find various episodes discussing marketing skills and strategies to ensure more business for real estate agents. 

Real Estate Success Rocks

In association with REV, Real Estate Success Rocks create precious content regarding goal achievement in the real estate industry. REV has been known as the largest group credited with producing successful real estate agents. You can learn multiple dos and don’ts of marketing in the real estate field and enhance your insight regarding growing your business. The platform strives to explore topics that will provide insights, clarify misconceptions and inspire the new generation to join this industry. 

The Craft Of Marketing

Although it is not a dedicated podcast for real estate marketing, it offers the industry’s renowned marketers tips, tactics, and strategies. The podcast is hosted by Seth Price, the marketing guru for the real estate industry. If all you need is some actionable advice for increasing your business, The Craft of Marketing is a must. Although it is not creating new episodes nowadays, you can still learn a few tips by listening to the old ones. 

Although listening to the most authentic and latest marketing tips could help you improve your business. But it is always prudent to hire a professional marketing service provider company to handle the marketing job for your real estate business. An experienced digital marketing agency will look into your strengths and create a top-notch strategy to gain more clients.