Multifamily investing can be a massive turnover in someone’s life. This business is rapidly growing in the modern world and will be a massive part of the world’s economy in the coming years. But it is essential for everyone who wants to enter this exciting and significant industry to know what multifamily investing is. 

To know about this profession, one can read many books and do many pieces of research, but the best way to get to know something is to listen about it. What can be better than listening to podcasts to get to know about multifamily investing podcasts? This is the most straightforward way to learn about something because all you need to do is listen and do all your other work mean by. 

To listen to these podcasts, one does not need heavy electronic gadgets. It would be best if you had a pair of headphones with a stable Wi-Fi connection with your phone, tablet, or laptop, and you are good to go. 

Searching for podcasts is not a difficult task. You have to search for the podcasts of your interests in any search engine, and you will have plenty of results. We have gathered 6 exciting podcasts that you must listen to if you want to know about multifamily investing. 

John Casmon

Host: John Casmon 

John Cameron is a multifamily investment expert who is by far the best podcast that is there to teach you about multifamily investing. Each week, John interviews multifamily apartment investors and market experts and has a conversation with them talking about the current markets, observations and investment tips that can be great for new people that want to join the business. Listen and learn how to identify the best markets and submarkets and leverage marketing for your real estate investing.

These podcasts can enhance your knowledge about the industry and help you make wise decisions, and make your way up in this business. Give the podcasts a try and see how this will make you a genius in a matter of months. 

Watson Estates

Host: Mark Baltazar and Mike Rockall

This podcast is the one that cares deeply about the investors. They are the ones that you need to go to if you are an investor and need to know the essence that will help you grow in your business. They interview a wide range of guests in their podcasts and have a friendly and thoughtful conversation with them, talking about what strategies and techniques people should apply to make their business successful. They will highlight specific topics that will help passive and active investors better understand the multifamily space. 

They are Canadian residents who know about the Canadian market and will assist you rightly with the steps you need to follow to survive in this industry and grow rapidly. Make sure to give it a try. 

Jake and Gino 

Host: Jake and Gino

Jake and Gino were just two friends who started as just having a conversation, and that blew up, and they became a genius in this game. They exploded into a thriving real estate investment business, now they give advice to people about the multifamily investing opportunities. If you are someone that is interested in multifamily strategies, syndication, increasing cash flow, then their podcast show is just the right thing for you.

True financial freedom is hard to find. Although real estate investing video training on YouTube is a great place to start, you’re going to want to take your knowledge to the next level eventually. With the suitable multifamily apartment investing program, you’ll be able to take control of your financial future. Jake and Gino offer comprehensive multifamily investing program, along with their podcast, multiple other real estate courses, resources and much more.

Behind the Bricks

Host: Peter Von Der Ahe

The podcast show Behind the bricks is based on New York multifamily real estate investing. The host, Peter Von Der Ahe, invites different and significant NYC apartment building owners in the industry, discussing the main point of view that led them to their success where they are today. He also discusses the central ideology of these individuals and on what basis they make their investment choices, and what would be the best opportunity for anyone stepping into the industry and wanting to get success out of it. 

He also leads the best sales team in a reputed company that means that he knows what he is talking about and will give you the best knowledge about multifamily investing without a doubt. Make sure to check him out. 

Multifamily Live

Host: Jason and Pili Yarusi

This exciting couple will give you ideas with a perspective someone can hardly give as they are also in the business themselves doing multifamily investing. They know every inch of the industry profoundly and want to transfer this fundamental knowledge to the world. They are passionate about the industry and are always trying new things. You will learn the latest tips and tricks, strategies, updates, and lessons learned from the frontlines of our own multifamily real estate business, plus insights and interviews from expert investors across the nation.

As mentioned, they are themselves a part of the business, so there is no chance that there might be any doubt about what they are conveying to the people. Probably the best podcast show for newbies. Give the podcast a listen, and you will know that this show is excellent. 

The  Multifamily Journey Podcast

Host: Blake Dailey 

If you are someone who is interested in getting your goals and dreams come true by getting deep knowledge in the multifamily investing industry, then this is the show that was made for you. The Multifamily Journey Podcasts give listeners insight into fulfilling their lifestyle and wealth goals by investing in multifamily real estate. If you want your money to make money out of it fast and steady, then you should check this podcast out.