Do you want to stay informed, educated, and motivated by listening to an excellent real estate podcast? Real estate podcasts that mainly focus on business ideas and marketing provide effective educational content. Whether you run your own real estate agency or are a broker, marketing is the key to success. Instead of hiring an expensive marketing agency for real estate, you can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere. 

With a real estate agent’s rigorous daily schedule, it’s certainly a challenge to relax and learn about new industry ideas and strategies. If you’re constantly on the move, we’ve put together a list of the best real estate marketing podcasts to help you stay motivated and improve your skills.

Most of these podcasts feature interviews with successful real estate agents. Instead of letting a marketing agency for real estate do all the work, you can get first-hand experience listening to marketing techniques from those who have applied them and reached the heights of success. Are you ready to improve your business, expand your knowledge, and grow sales? Here are 8 Podcasts to get you started. 

Top 8 Real Estate Marketing Podcasts

The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

 If you’ve been a part of the real estate industry for some time now, you might have heard of Tom Ferry. In case you haven’t, there are many reasons to listen to his fantastic podcast. 

Tom Ferry has written some best-selling books like “Mindset, Model, and Marketing” and “Life! By Design.” He’s also the CEO and founder of Tom Ferry International. He’s one of the country’s top instructors, with over 150 coaches guiding agents through the sales techniques he discusses in various conferences, videos, and podcasts.

Each week, he releases a new edition of his podcast, which covers ways for agents to enhance their closing, selling, marketing, and other critical real estate skills. 

Expect to hear from top producers and celebrity real estate agents, especially those using ground-breaking strategies and tools. 

 Super Agents Live

Toby Salgado, a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, hosts Super Agents Live. With his one-on-one mentorship, he has assisted countless real estate agents and entrepreneurs.

Toby Salgado is a firm believer in the power of radio in real estate marketing. Even though radio lacks the reach and popularity of modern media such as Social Media or YouTube, he believes it is still incredibly powerful because of its directness and closeness.

The Super Agents Live podcast features celebrity guests Ross Jeffries, Chris’s Voss, and Tom Ferry discussing the strategies and approaches of top-producing real estate agents who consistently sell over $50 million per year. You can invest in a marketing agency for real estate, but there’s nothing better than Toby Salgado’s podcast to explain marketing to beginner realtors.  

Marketing School With Neil Patel & Eric Siu

 Even though neither Eric Siu nor Neil Patel has any real estate experience, you should give these men a chance. Why? Because Neil and Eric are masters of marketing. Neil Patel is a leading name and one of the top digital marketers globally, rivaling Gary V.

 Marketing school offers bite-sized podcasts with actionable advice and tactics that are all under 10 minutes long. They discuss economic trends, the latest techniques to increase organic traffic to your website, and how to handle a small staff effectively. This podcast will act as your portable marketing agency for real estate.  

Real Estate Uncensored

 Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel co-host “Real Estate Uncensored.” The podcast provides practical ideas to transform your real estate career and gives expert advice from some of the top-performing real estate agents in the country. 

The podcasts’ emphasis on employing cutting-edge marketing and sales methods and high-tech systems to utilize your time is particularly intriguing.

For example, this podcast teaches you how to master prospecting systems and scripts that can sell more than 500 homes in a year and much more. 

It is not a stuffy, overly staged, or politically correct podcast, as the name implies. It’s a bit crude at times, but it’s always funny. If you’re okay with that, go ahead and take a look.

 Real Estate Renegades

 Glenn Twiddle is the best-selling author for “Punching Above Your Weight.” In his podcast, he focuses on creative and bold real estate marketing techniques to help you succeed and stand out. 

Glenn and his life and business partner, Naomi Twyford, have been assisting real estate agents in exceeding their greatest aspirations for more than a decade. 

Glenn’s episodes will undoubtedly necessitate the use of a notebook. Using the unique tactics outlined in Real Estate Renegades will propel your company to new heights.

 Real Estate Coaching Radio

 Real Estate Coaching Radio, founded by Julie and Tim Harris as a husband and wife partnership, now has over 100,000 regular listeners. Interviews with industry professionals, including the nation’s best producers and well-known real estate executives, are featured in this series. While Real Estate Coaching isn’t solely focused on the issue of marketing, episodes like “Coming Soon Strategies” offer practical and very effective marketing advice. 

Agent Caffeine

Kelly Mitchell has produced almost 240 episodes of Agent Caffeine since its premiere. The purpose of this highly regarded show is to assist real estate agents and brokers around the country in revitalizing their sales and marketing efforts. Agent Caffeine is a must-listen for everyone serious about attaining success in the real estate profession. That’s because this podcast is full of actionable marketing suggestions and relevant information.

Real Estate Strategy Lab

This show will provide you with marketing strategies and methods to keep business ahead of the competition. This podcast’s available episodes are growing by the month, with many new broadcasts released each month. Listen to Real Estate Strategy Lab for actionable suggestions on how to enhance your real estate marketing now. You’re only “one tactic away” with this podcast to make your business successful.

A marketing agency for real estate will help you market properties you’re planning to sell. Comparatively, listening to a real estate marketing podcast will teach you everything, from marketing properties to creating your presence online and gaining new business opportunities. The above-listed top 8 real estate marketing podcasts are a game-changer for realtors.