The 6 Podcasts Every Marketing Consultant Should Listen To!

As a Marketing Consultant, you should be listening to podcasts from time to time. Digital media has been transforming since the invention of technology. These podcasts have been a great way to help marketing consultants learn a lot about this field, and this is such a game-changer!

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Statistically, in every population, half-listen to podcasts, and the majority tune in at least once a week. Marketing consultants are usually hungry for content; hence they tune in mostly to learn many things.

Marketing is a complex science that keeps on evolving. As a marketing consultant keeping up with changes in this field can be hard. That’s why podcasts are essential for all marketing consultants. To learn more about the best podcasts for marketing consultants, read on!

Here Are The Top 6 Podcasts Every Marketing Consultant Should Listen To!

As a marketing consultant, you may have heard of these two hosts of this podcast. Eric Siu and Neil Patel are successful marketing business owners, and they offer the best marketing advice on their shows. You should listen to this podcast if you are looking forward to being a great marketing consultant.  This podcast has a session of ten minutes for every show. The shows give the best marketing advice, and you will enjoy listening to the advice.

Eric Siu and Neil Patel, as the hosts of this podcast, mostly talk about the lessons they learned from their marketing experiences. They also talk about the trends in marketing.

This is among the best podcasts for marketers, and you should listen to it if you need inspiration. As you venture into this field, it’s advisable to gain some insights from the podcast. This podcast has several subscribers, including famous business owners and some successful marketers. The podcast has as many listeners as the subscribers, and it shares a lot of information.

This podcast has a range of topics, and the guests are usually successful marketers. You should expect nothing less from this podcast and the topics discussed are extensive. The topics on this podcast include the best marketing strategies to influencing customers and the general marketing tips. You can buffer your marketing skills through this podcast.

Among all the top podcasts, this is a great platform to learn about trending marketing skills. The founder of this podcast is Brian Clark, who started the podcast in 2006. The aim of him was to build a community of passionate marketers. The podcast was aiming to turn the online community into something profitable. The podcast is among the highly rated sites as it shares many blogs per day. It has high traffic, and it ranks top on social media networks. The podcast works every week, and it has experts who give marketing advice.

This podcast was created by Sujan Patel and Aaron Agius, who focus on giving marketing advice to consultants and influencers. The shows are hosted by Sujan Patel, a co-founder of a great company called web profits. The site is a good marketing agency that helps in leveraging various marketing strategies.

These strategies can help you fuel the business and thrive in a competitive industry. With the best marketing tips and strategies, you can succeed in a competitive industry. This podcast’s co-host is Aaron Agius, who also helps businesses drive high growth through strategic marketing tips.  Through this podcast, many marketing consultants have delivered millions in revenue from their small businesses.

The best topics on this podcast are business growth strategies and customer acquisition. The episodes on this site last for up to twenty-five minutes, and they cover the essential marketing efforts. TOtherpics discussed on this podcast include building sales funnels, eCommerce tips, increasing sales through chatbots, and other marketing topics.

Clients can ask questions on this platform, and the host responds to the questions in detail.

Many people, especially marketing consultants, tend to judge a site on its responsiveness and design. It’s normal to undermine a graphic design aspect in websites. This podcast focuses on graphic design, and it appreciates the importance of graphic design in marketing consultants’ jobs. The hosts cover topics related to graphic design, and the shows are available every week. The main topics of discussion on this podcast are usually the topics on email marketing designer tips, logo trends, creating client personas.

It also hosts talks from successful desig; that’s talk about the trade, online business, blogging, and affiliate marketing tools.  The podcast also features successful designers who are quite famous.  This podcast is interesting for listeners because they can pick topics and get actionable, that’s how they get advice that pairs with their business growth stages. Here you can get tips on building email lists, selling webinar funnels, and other business automation tips.

Some podcasts can answer any marketing consultant’s question, but you should listen to them if you need marketing tips. The podcast is hosted by a famous writer named Dave Ramsey, and he published a book called EntreLeadership. The man has many years of experience in the practical business world. 

After the book was raised, the author continued to give out the information on trending marketing tips and sales tips. The podcast came to be at this stage, and it’s usually hosted every week. The listeners can address their questions to the host, and he has the knowledge and experience to handle everything that comes his way. The common hosts on this podcast shows are; Charlene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, and Charles Duhigg. This is a unique podcast with many listeners who cover many topics.

The commonly handled topics on this podcast are positioning a brand, the marketing trends, various social media strategies, and general marketing knowledge. As a rising marketing consultant, you should consider this podcast if you are looking for great marketing tips. This is the best podcast for marketing motivation, and you will have the best time while listening to the shows.


Every upcoming marketer should listen to these podcasts, whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur or a blogger. The podcasts will give you tips on how to be a better marketing consultant, and that’s why these are ranked as the top six podcasts. You can learn about affiliate marketing tips, email marketing, and other marketing fields from these podcasts. You will realize that most listeners are marketers, which are great sites to gain marketing strategies and tips.

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