6 Unique Podcast Questions to ask your Guests!

6 Unique Podcast Questions to ask your Guests 

Getting the perfect podcast questions list for guests can be very challenging. Even more daunting is the fact that, the questions will determine the answers. These answers will in turn determine what the audience will benefit. Even if your guest is the highest personality in a given field, if you don’t ask the right questions, there will be no answers. 

Ultimately, the entire success of your podcast from the position of your audience, depends on you as the interviewer. If you’ve struggled to get that guest on your podcast, then make sure you get the best out of him/her with the right questions. If getting the guest was relatively easy, still ensure every second counts with the right questions that can trigger informative and inspiring answers. 

Now let’s get down to the questions. 

1. What inspired you to venture into this career Path? 

This question gives the guest the opportunity to talk about humble beginnings. It allows the guest to recall about his/her lowest point in life and how it all started. This can be inspiring for your audience. For all we know, some can be in the same position as the guest 20 years ago and a pinch of that guest’s story can reignite hope. Your guest can be a role model for some members of the audience. People tend to be motivated by their role models and find solace in the fact that these role models didn’t wake up one morning to become that big. 

2. What is the one thing you wish you knew at the onset of your career? 

This question is another powerful trigger. For most of your audience who are obviously in the same field with the guest, they will pay rapt attention to this part. 


Because they want to know too. They want to avoid regrets. They want to learn from the experience of the guest and the answer to this question will provide valuable insight on what they ought to know. Curiosity is a strong feeling and you would have satisfied your audience if you ask this question.

3. What habits have you imbibed that helped you succeed? 

Again you will have the undivided attention of your audience if you add this to your podcast questions list. They will be curious to know what this incredible guest does daily to be this successful. They would love to imbibe same habits and see how it works for them. Throwing this question can compel the guest to reveal certain secrets to success that your audience will grab and practice. As a bonus, the guest could even reccomend a book, a routine, a supplement or even a movie that even you the host will benefit from. Having a question that benefits you and your audience is super right?

4. What are your biggest challenges in this line of duty? 

Every job has its hazards and for starters, they are likely ignorant of this. Asking this question will enable your guest shed light on the hazards of their profession. This will help the audience gain an insight on what they are walking right into. It might not be too devastating or serious, however, a challenge is a challenge. The popular saying: “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” holds true here. 

5. What are the highlights of your career? 

A sizable portion of your audience already know about the highlights and the perks of attaining such heights. However, they will still want to hear it directly from the guest. This will refuel their passion in the common career path and help them push further. The highlights will serve as a cushion for the challenges in the previous question. This implies that, the questions should be asked in this order; the pains before the gains. In the end, your guest would have revealed tangible details on all sides of the game that will be of immense benefit to your audience. 

6. What’s your final word for your listeners? 

This is a regular member of virtually every interviewer’s podcast questions list used to draw the curtains. As generic as it may sound, there’s a reason why interviewers still cling unto it like it’s a lifeguard. They know this is where the guest can possibly drop a bombshell and wow the audience. So don’t be too quick to dismiss this question as being too banal or common. It still works like magic. A final word can be the only thing one member of the audience can take home with. Never underestimate them. Remember, people always save the best for the last.

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Alexa Seleno