Joe Rogan’s Top Episodes!

Joe Rogan’s Top 10 Episodes!

Joe Rogan is a famous American stand-up comedian, commentator, martial artist, and TV host known for hosting the very popular, Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. This commendable host is known for his humor and talent to touch the most sensitive and touchy topics ironically! 

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With over 1500+ successful podcast episodes,  the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has been producing episodes for the last 10 years and counted as one of the top podcasts in the world watched by millions of fans. The majority of these episodes have a long live-streaming of up to 3 hours, enabling in-depth and interesting conversation with a range of topics and guests, ranging from celebrities, scientists, entertainers, and more. 

You, too, can enjoy his uninhabited and uncensored podcast episodes, and to help you choose the top ones, we are here with our exclusive list of Joe Rogan podcast episodes that might interest you! 

The Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes So Far

PS:  There might be many more, but we have picked the most popular and our favorite ones; hopefully, these will be your favorite ones, too, after listening to them.

Episode #804— Sam Harriss

This podcast has been recorded with the very famous philosopher, neuroscientist, author, and podcast host— Sam Harriss. No, don’t worry, this episode was not at all about philosophy, but Joe and Sam covered a lot of interesting and informative topics, varying from politics to meditation, ecological preservation, psychedelics, and much more. 

The overview of this episode is that Harriss keeps on recommended using basic sense, applying logic in life, and using scientific methodology to solve the most beleaguer issues of our current society. You must give this podcast episode a chance to witness highly intellectual yet witty conversation simultaneously.

Episode #901—Dr. Rhonda Patrick

In this episode, Joe invited Dr. Rhonda Patrick— one of the best health and wellness specialists who specialize in biomedical research, dealing with anti-aging and brain health. She has been a guest a couple of times on his show.

In this episode, Dr. revealed some unknown facts about the big pharmaceutical companies that how those don’t want to share much information about anti-depressants. This one will surely intrigue you!

Episode #1041 – Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin is a famous host for the podcast— Hardcore History. With a background in radio, he is a political commentator and hosts the amazing podcast Common Sense. Although he is not a true historian, still in his podcast, he has discussed detailed analytics and information enough about the extreme events in our history to keep listeners engaged for hours.

Surely, his podcast is the most enjoyable yet educational one to learn about history. Joe invited him on his show and discussed a mix of historical and common sense topics of the current political landscape. You can find a lot more in this episode, where so much has been discussed with facts.

Episode #1073— Steven Pinker

This show is highly motivational and optimistic in itself, where Steven Pinker, the show’s guest, will try to spread positivity. He believes the world is a better place and will be destined for even better and greater days ahead.

As our newsfeeds and social media are always overloaded with discouraging and depressing news, he believes it’s necessary to break the ripple of negativity to attract rays of hope and happiness. This episode worth your time, and the guest will keep on backing up all listeners to think optimistically and has described everything with scientific facts and great evidence.

Episode #512— Dan Savage

The famous American author, editor, media analyst, journalist, and outspoken LGBT community activist, Dan Savage, has been invited on his show, where he boldly discuss the problems gays have to face, the gay rights in America, political commotion with trending cultural twists on these topics. He also writes Savage Love, an internationally regulated relationship and sex advice and recommendation column. 

The whole podcast episode cast around the common right and safety issues the LBGT community has to face at each point and how still today, this community is mistreated. 

Episode #1315— Bob Lazar 

In this episode, Joe invited the famous Bob Lazar, well not so famous for the FBI and the entire US intelligence community. Yes, we are talking about the one public figure who gained experience working in the reverse-extra-terrestrial-tech engineering program. He wanted to share his knowledge and inform about his findings and studies. But, he was unaware of the outcomes, and those claims turned his life upside down. A lot of accusations were put on him!

Do you really want to know about those claims of extra-terrestrial beings? Do you find it exciting? Listen to this podcast of Bob Lazar with Joe and find out more about it.

Episode #908— Leah Remini

Once the member of the Church of Scientology— this blunt and outspoken lady— Leah Remini has been the advocate against some strange evil aspects of religion. She is on her mission to bring light to some bizarre religious practices and bring all those regressive indiscretions which have been practice for centuries in front of the public. 

In this episode, she explained to Joe about her disturbing experience with the Church and her reason to leave that place. This show is exhilarating and will definitely give thrills down in the back.

Episode #993 – Ben Shapiro

Shapiro often finds talking about freedom, equity, rights, injustice, and internationalism in society. He never misses an opportunity to debate on such right-wing conservative topics openly. He keeps in the news for his bold, blunt speeches at campuses, talking about social issues, like identity politics, gender pronouns, and stuff like that. This Joe Rogan podcast with Ben Shapiro was all about the present-day issues which consider absurd pseudo-problems. This episode will give detailed insight into how society perceives these issues and for how long the problems have been there unsolved. 

Episode #1284— Graham Hancock

The most famous critic of the status-quo archaeology and anthropology, yes, we are talking about Graham Hancock. Joe invited him in this episode to discuss his visions and ideas related to archaeology and anthropology. He has always founded challenging discrepancies in theories and criticizing by various evidence(s). Do you want to know about his conspiracy theories, and even if his claims backed by evidence or not? For this, you must have to listen to this podcast.

Episode #1035— Paul Stamets

You can listen to this very much informative podcast of Paul Stamets on Mycology and facts. Although this subject is not much appreciated, despite its important role in our health and environment. You can still listen to the great insights of a professional who devoted all his life to analysing all different things. He just doesn’t share basic fungi information, but he shares deeper and much detailed data about fungi in his own way.

We hope you enjoy these episodes as much as we have!

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