SEO For Real Estate Investors: Podcasts for SEO & Link Building in 2022 and Beyond

As we head deeper into the 21st century, there is no denying that both real estate investing and informative podcasts are having their moments. To date, statistics reveal that an overwhelming 89% of US investors place their money into real estate, and podcasting has been deemed one of the most effective forms of SEO advertising – with an alarming 47% engagement rate compared to radio and tv coming in at 27%. 


As a podcast booking service, why are we mentioning this?


Because when you blend the two leading industries together, you are creating the perfect storm that not only propels SEO for real estate investors forward, but also positions them for long-term gains, max ROI, and overall scaling sustainability. All in all, increasing SEO with podcasts opens up an intrinsic landscape filled with opportunities for investors such as yourself to attain higher highs through the art of engagement, exposure, and lead to sale generation…and all through various segmented concepts that harmoniously work together to achieve that common goal. 


SEO & Why It Matters


As a proven technique as old as the internet itself, Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is a renowned process to get yourself noticed in the eyes of your audiences even amid the competitive digital market. In and of itself, SEO is an umbrella term involving creating quality content and accentuating website UX to organically rank higher in search engines like Google. If syndicated both honestly, consistently and use the leading SEO boosting resources on the market (podcasts of course being a prominent one), then this is something that can be highly fruitful for you as a real estate investor. 


Did you know about Google’s most recent helpful content update? If not, read about it here to ensure your website is optimized in the eyes of the new Google algorithm. 


As podcast booking service professionals, we have worked with every shade of real estate investor ranging from wholesale residential/commercial real estate, and institutional investors to individual rehabbers. That said, regardless of the initiatives, increasing SEO with podcasts has been a proven tactic across the board and one that can significantly help you rank higher as a quality resource, gain organic traffic, and lock ROI successes. 


The Symbiotic Relationship Between Podcasts & SEO


  • Influences Website Backlinking


One of the most significant reasons why increasing SEO with podcasts is effective is its keen ability to influence more conversion-rich website backlinking. Engaging with audiences and building an accredited rapport as an investor inevitably leads to other sites/professionals seeing you as a reputable source to reference/link to. In turn, SERP algorithms will see you as a more respected outlet because others are vouching for it. 


Keep in mind that natural website backlinking offers the strongest SEO impacts, you can also take advantage of the other branches of backlinking: outreach links, self-created links, and internal website links. These are all ways to help potential clients and Google navigate your site, confirm your credibility, and ultimately convert leads to sales. 


  • Rank Higher in SERPs


Did you know that only 25% of searchers browse on page #2 on Google? In retrospect, 75% of Google browsers never scroll past the first page, making SERP rankings detrimental to organic growth online – not just for real estate investing, but for every industry making a digital presence. That said, with podcasts holding a strong grip on modern marketing, you can seamlessly use this avenue to bolster content marketing with SEO relations and have a stronger stance to show up on that first page. This means that with the guided support of podcast hosting/guesting, you are much more likely to rank far above those not using this method, exposing you to more sales opportunities and exposure. 


  • Widens Your Target Outreach, Builds Engagement, & Promotes Advocacy 


If there is one thing for sure, podcasts add a layer of personality to your business, making it easier to stand out from your competition and build client trust across the board. The best part about connecting with your audiences in this light is that it can result in them becoming valued advocates, ones who will help promote you as an investor via word of mouth. With 64% of marketers agreeing that word of mouth is the ideal way to advance across any sector, it all equates to showcasing your personality and knowledge through podcasting to be a core way to attain those positive, long-term effects.


In short, there very well could be an entire target audience out there that you haven’t touched yet that a podcast can introduce you to. Couple that widened outreach with building engagement that can turn to advocacy, it all demonstrates that podcast appearances are an excellent method to improve your army of followers, raise conversion rates, and better your SEO ranking as a collective. 


  • Helps Reduce Bounce Back Rates


Setting your investor website up for success is one thing, but keeping visitors engaged on your site long enough to secure a sale is another. Generally, reducing your bounce-back rate can be done by delivering meaningful content, making your site as user-friendly as possible, and validating that you are a professional in your field, perhaps with the illustration of various case studies. However, people like knowing they are interacting with people, which is something that podcasts have an uncanny ability to deliver as it humanizes brands and investing goals beyond just standard ads. It promotes realism, and that is something that is highly valuable within this digitized era. 


In the end, potential clients become more invested and are more likely to illustrate stronger website engagement when they’ve had a chance to really understand who you are on a personal level, hear what you have to say on a podcast that is already established – thus becoming the cornerstone for boosted loyalty, increased sales, and of course, attaining much better bounce back rate. 


Summary – Leverage The Podcast Spotlight 


Podcasts can improve investor reputation, visibility and provide new opportunities for you to generate backlinks that boost your SEO strategy. On the other side of the pendulum, organic traffic from that said SEO strategy can effectively bring MORE traffic to your website – raising the opportunity to generate more leads to sales. In summary, increasing SEO with podcasts can eventually form a self-sustaining feedback loop; a content engine that consistently helps you yield more results. 


As a final word, SEO For real estate investors should never be overlooked, as it is a fundamental way to excel within the flooded real estate market. But the next big challenge is figuring out what podcast(s) to network with in the first place to ensure that this ideal blueprint plays out. This is where podcast booking services like us here at Podcasting You can help, strategically scanning and matching our clients to the proper channels to solidify ROI efforts. Overall, podcasts have taken center stage in the world of SEO marketing and effective backlinking, and our core goal is to not just prove you with quality podcast connections, but ultimately give you what you value the most as an investor: your time, your energy, and innovative pathways that help secure viable, growth-driven futures. 

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