Here’s what we cover:

  • Trevor’s Background and What He’s Doing with Podcasting You
  • How Do Podcasting Works for Real Estate
  • Matching the Right Podcast for the Guest
  • Ways to Make Sure that Your Message as a Guest is Targeting a Specific Audience
  • Ways to Prepare and Make Yourself Ready to be a Guest on a Podcast Show
  • Being a Podcast Guest to Raise Money for Syndications
  • Structuring the Interview for an Effective Podcast Show
  • Three Things that You Shouldn’t Do as a Guest on a Podcast
  • Things that People Should Know Before Guesting on a Podcast Show to See a Good Return
  • Importance of Guesting on Podcast Shows Consistently for a Good Return
  • Hiring Employees and Delegating Works for the Efficiency of Business or Personal Life

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