Search engine optimization is also abbreviated as SEO. Search engine optimization aims to promote business by ensuring that a website gets more traffic. Search engine optimization provides immediate data, which allows tracking of how a website is performing.

More than 90% of home and property buyers use the internet to find potential real estate agents. Online realtors have also significantly increased on the internet. Because of the high competition, realtors, brokers, and agents need to adopt proper SEO strategies.

Podcasts provide the platforms for realtors to learn market trends and remain ahead in real estate investment. Several podcasts focus on various topics relating to real estate. This article will highlight some of the podcasts that may enlighten a real estate investor on real estate search engine optimization.

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

This podcast is hosted by Rich Brooks and has perfect information regarding Search engine optimization for real estate.

This podcast provides information on how to increase the number of clicks and traffic on your real estate website. It also teaches tips and tricks for making online users stay longer on your website.

The agent of change podcast is a weekly podcast that has interviews from marketers worldwide. The interview guests provide real estate tips such as search engine optimization and how this technique has allowed them to climb up the ladder.

The Craft of Marketing

The craft of marketing podcast is hosted by Seth price is helpful for real estate beginners. This podcast features marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives to share their experiences of using search engine optimization techniques for real estate.

Aside from search engine optimization, the guests also discuss the digital strategy in real estate.

Duct tape

It is hosted by John Jantsch and features tips on search engine optimization for real estate. It also features other topics such as ways to increase productivity, modern business building strategies, and leadership insights.

John Jantschhas vast experience to guide listeners online and locally on marketing strategies. Marketer guests are interviewed on this podcast and are ready to answer any marketing strategy questions.

This podcast specializes in helping small firms run more efficiently and extends free services to real estate beginners who are interested.

The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show

This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Denwood, the CEO, and Robert Newman, the InboundREM, an SEO optimization firm.

This podcast highlights several topics such as mailing, social media, internet opportunities, and real estate search engine optimization. This podcast is ideal for real estate agents and real estate investors.

This podcast is ideal for the new and budding real estate investors since questions are answered in a language easy for the general public to understand.

Real Estate Investing Mastery

This podcast show is aimed at either the solo agent or the office with a small power team of real estate agents looking to get powerful results. It focuses on using the latest and best online marketing technology. It also closely looks at new technologies online.

Joe McCall’s who hosts it has a background in wholesales and his co-host Alex Joungblood. This podcast focuses on search engine optimization and covers lead generation, marketing, and other real estate topics.

Some of the most popular podcast interviews include the famous episode 606 interview feature with Chris Chico as a guest who gave extensive information on how real estate investors can utilize Facebook ads for lead generation purposes. The guest also touched on search engine optimization.

There are also special shorter episodes called REI in Your Car, in which Joe talks about a topic while driving his car. They add a nice variety to the steady stream of episodes coming out, at least three per week! Joe and sometimes co-host Alex Joungblood want to make sure listeners learn how to earn a full-time income through investing in real estate, especially by using fast cash strategies like Wholesaling and Lease Options.

Real Estate Marketing Dude

It is hosted by Mike Cuevaswho posts at least once per week.

This show is perfect for real estate agents. The podcast gives practical tips that can be implemented for immediate results. It focuses on the marketing of brands in real estate investment. It gives tips on how to remain relevant in the market through the adoption of technology.

It also focused on online marketing strategies via Facebook and google through various strategies such as search engine optimization methods.

SEO for Real Estate Investors

SEO for real estate investors is a specific podcast on the road to family freedom podcast series that provides excellent insight to real estate investors on search engine optimization.

Neil Henderson and Brittany Henderson are the hosts of The Road to Family Freedom podcast. and in this episode, they host Kris Reid

In this episode, Kris, the founder of Ardor SEO, talks about the basics of SEO, some tips on creating an SEO-friendly website, how backlinking pages help Google see your website as more reputable, and why you should NOT try to become an SEO expert.

Kris is known online as the coolest guy in Search Engine Optimization. Now, you might be asking why a podcast about real estate investing is hosting an SEO expert. Well, that’s because real estate is a customer-driven business at the end of the day. At some point, you will want to put yourself in front of more customers, whether they be rental tenants, self-storage tenants, investors, buyers, sellers, prospective employees, etc. And the demand-driven content from a search engine is one of the best ways to do that. In this episode, we talk to Kris about SEO basics, some tips on creating an SEO-friendly website, how backlinking pages help Google see your website as more reputable, and why you should NOT try to become an SEO expert.

Stay Paid

This podcast focuses on modern marketing strategies.

With a focus on relationship marketing, each episode offers actionable advice that you can use to expand your business. The podcast regularly features some of the most successful agents from across the country who discuss the practical actions, routines, and practices that won them success. 

This podcast is the closest thing you’ll get to a genuine real estate talk show suited to ordinary people.