5 Strategies To Turn Your Podcast Interviews into a Content Machine 

Contemporary times have seen podcasts rise astronomically. There are statistics all over the place to back that up. But we won’t go into all of its details. The bottom line is: podcasts are booming and if you have not learned how to create content from podcast interviews, then you are missing out. 

Everyday people leverage on podcasts to generate content for their blogs and websites. It’s working like magic and they are making huge ROI’s on this. 

You don’t have to be a genius to get this done. With the tips that will be shared in this post, you can get started.  And just so you know: If you are not leveraging on these podcasts, you are actually meeting money on the table and looking the other way. 

So how do you turn your Podcast Interviews into a Content Machine? 

First things first. 


When the podcast is over, don’t just archive and utilize it for social media purposes. Transcribe it into notes. You can use a tool such as Descript. With Descript they transcribe your interview by separating who is speaking during the interview. By transcribing podcasts, you have a content mill and you have to maximize it. 

Edit and Rewrite 

After the transcription, you can have the transcripts edited and rewritten to make them fit for blog posts. You’ll need to optimize them for search engines; talk about SEO, and shorten long sentences for easy readability. 

We recommend checking out Neil Patel if you’re looking for ideas on how to optimize your blog posts for SEO.


Most times, guests tend to explain things in a stepwise manner. That’s an infographic content and it sells more in a world where people are particularly interested in pictures. 

They would rather stare and admire than read even the shortest tenses. These infographics are easier to share as well and the fact that they simplify seemingly complex concepts makes them more desirable. Thus, they command higher traffic. See what you are missing out on? 

Convert to Listicles 

You see, your transcripts can be so flexible that you can convert them to any kind of content you want. However, the use of “can” in this context means that not all are flexible. Some can be extremely rigid depending on how the guest decides to field your questions. 

But if you can convert a transcript into a listicle, then by all means go ahead. Listicles are easier to read. They have a definitive ending which starts from their titles. E.g “7 Ways to book a flight”. This headline drives traffic to your blog more than generic content. Your audience are mostly scanners and skimmers, however, listicles nudge them to read on knowing it’s just “7, 5 or 4” things to read about. 

You’ve learned a few strategies on how to turn podcast interviews into a content machine, but the strategy you must use is promoting your podcast interviews on social media.

Promoting On Social Media

Most hosts record your interview via video. You can ask them to send over the video, and you can pull segments from your interview and create social media posts. If you find the timestamp on the video of which you’d like to create a social media post, you can hire someone from UpWork or Fiverr for around $10 to create your social media post with captions included. 

To see an example of someone who is excellent at adding captions to their videos, check out Brendon Burchard on Instagram. Brendon’s captions are simple, yet very effective. 


Now you can generate tangible content from your next podcast interview and use it on your blog and social media. If you can create content from podcast interviews on a regular basis, you would have succeeded in being able to turn your podcast interviews into a content machine. 

Interestingly, you will be using one stone to kill two birds. While your podcasts are viable in their own right by generating leads, expanding your popularity, and generating great backlinks you are making contents out of them and increasing traffic on your blog. 


This entire concept about how to turn podcast interviews into a content machine will only be productive if you do it on a consistent basis.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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