Pete is the one of the owners in a family run business called Parrot Property Group where he currently buys homes in Indianapolis and takes extreme pride in how quickly he is able to close a deal. Pete had always wanted to started in real estate investing, but being from the East Coast, this wasn’t too feasible. It wasn’t until his son had traveled to Indianapolis where they discovered the potential opportunities. 

Pete and his family had their start buying 13 duplexes where they managed them, repaired them, and then shared the profit. Shortly after Pete’s old customer bought the duplexes, Pete bought them back and learned the power of wholesaling. 

Topics Pete speaks on:

  • How to find off market deals

  • How Pete sends out over 100,000 postcards per year

  • How Pete’s son was able to make $20k on his first wholesale deal

  • What is actually required to bring a property to the market

  • How Pete was able to make $20k in one lunch…

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