Patrick is the Founder and CEO of Tactical Asset Management, LLC, a leading provider of asset management and technology services for multifamily operators nationwide.

How would someone who is a multifamily operator with a portfolio encompassing over 900 units and market value of $50M sound to your audience? Prior to becoming a full-time multifamily investor, Patrick held structured finance and capital markets roles at Opus Bank, 5 Arches, LLC and HMC Assets, LLC. Mr. Duffy is a 2013 graduate of Harvard University.

Topics Patrick can speak about: 

  • How asset management can transform someone’s investment business 

  • Why strong asset management is a must for a successful multifamily investment

  • How exactly does Tactical Asset Management work and what can Tactical offer multifamily entrepreneurs

  • How can someone secure over 900 units within 2 years 

  • Tactics for securing strong multifamily deals

  • Important underwriting fundamentals when acquiring multifamily in today’s market

Patrick on Apartment Building with Michael Blank: http://www.themichaelblank.com/podcasts/session74/

Patrick on The Real Estate Syndication Show: http://therealestatesyndicationshow.libsyn.com/ws47-how-multifamily-syndication-can-allow-you-to-implement-rigid-systems-and-processes-for-efficient-asset-management

Patrick’s website: https://tactical-asset.com

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