Podcasts are a great way of informing and educating yourself on a particular topic. When it comes to real estate investment, you need to carry out proper research and do your homework before actively participating in the industry. Luckily for you, podcasts have made it easier for individuals to gain knowledge regarding real estate investment

Perhaps what’s most important about real estate investment is the type of companies you should be going for to succeed. The following 8 podcasts are perfect for individuals looking to find the best real estate investment companies for themselves.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

The BiggerPockets podcast is already quite popular amongst newbie and well-established real estate investors. The podcast features hundreds of real estate investors who come onto the show and share their experience in the real estate investment industry with the audience. This includes them talking about their failures, success, and the type of lessons that they’ve learned on their journey of real estate investment.

With weekly episodes, you’ll be getting actionable advice as well as strategies you can utilize while you’re working with clients. The BiggerPockets podcast also provides details about the best real estate investment companies to its listeners. Hosted by Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner, and David Greene, BiggerPockets will provide you with raw and real advice that you can make use of while working while in the industry, rather than giving you false claims of how you can “get rich quick.”

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

If you’re interested in getting to know about the top real estate investment companies, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show will be the perfect podcast for you. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is one of the nation’s leading podcasts and provides extensive knowledge to its audience regarding real estate-related topics.

The podcast is hosted by Michael Bull, who features economists, market leaders, and analysts to share their success strategies and valuable Intel. If you’re interested in renting out or investing in commercial property, then you should not hesitate to tune into this weekly podcast.

Property Development Podcast

This podcast is more of a Master Class Course designed to help guide newbie investors throughout the property development process, from planning to project completion. Property development podcast teaches its audience about the top real estate investment companies and many other relevant topics such as Market Research, Financing & Planning Investors, Legal Documentation, and more.

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Hosted by Joe McCall, this podcast features world secrets shared by our host so that the audience can earn a full-time income just by investing in and renting out real estate. A few other strategies are emphasized upon in the podcast, such as lease and wholesaling options. The audience can learn such special techniques and skills and utilize them to navigate the real estate investment industry.

Learn about how other successful investors escaped the 9 to 5 job hours through top real estate investment companies to establish their position and career in this industry. Learn about the strategies Joe and many others implemented to be completely free and financially independent in their business.

The Real Wealth Show

Get to know the secrets of top real estate investors in this podcast hosted by Kathy Fettke. Investors can get to know about the top real estate investment companies through this podcast and learn many skills such as building up a portfolio, making use of buy-and-hold strategies, avoiding costly mistakes while navigating through this field, and much more.

 Real Estate Rockstars

Interested in increasing your sales and earning high commissions? Tune in to Real Estate Rockstars and learn tips and tricks that the top real estate performers used to succeed. Being one of the most popular and most trusted podcasts, Real Estate Rockstars features a new guest on each episode.

Listen to the stories of success from real estate investors, rising agents, and seasoned brokers. A few notable guests who’ve shared their industry experience with the audience are Barbara Corcoran, Ryan Serhant, and Robert Kiyosaki. Implement the strategies discussed in this tri-weekly podcast and get started on the path to success. 

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

Just Start Real Estate is the perfect podcast for both newbies’ real estate investors and well-established ones with two weekly episodes. Get to know about the top real estate investment companies and what’s hot in the market by tuning in to this podcast twice a week.

This podcast also features interviews with top entrepreneurs who share the secrets of their success with the audience. Each episode is full of tips, tricks, and strategies real estate investors can use as they navigate the industry. If you’re aiming for success as a real estate investor, this podcast is just the thing for you.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

If you’re looking for a podcast related to real estate investment that is both fun and informative, look no further. The hosts of this show, Robert Helms and Russell Gray, will feed you with knowledge in such a way that is both entertaining and fast-paced. Multiple topics are discussed in detail on this podcast, such as economics, investment strategy, market and property due diligence, and much, much more.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show teaches its audience about the top real estate investment companies and strategies that investors can use in the real world. The hosts are also kind enough to advise and guide their audience on how they can avoid common and costly mistakes that can risk their career and their level of success in this industry. This podcast is everything you need to stay in touch with the real estate world with weekly episodes.