“ Everyday, there is a lesson to learn and the key is not to make the same mistake more than once.”

-Nicole Stanbra

Nicole founded The Stanbra Home Team, and quickly became a top producing agent in the Palm Beach and Jupiter area. Nicole has grown her business as a single agent, to now operating a cohesive team of elite real estate professionals. Unwavering work ethic, persistence, innovative marketing, and overall grit are at the core of this team’s culture. Going “above and beyond” is the standard when it comes to representing and serving our clients.

In this episode, Trevor and Nicole discuss:

  • How Nicole started her Real Estate Investing journey.
  • From a single agent to having a team of agents, learn how Nicole builds and grows her team.
  • Gain knowledge of how Nicole finds new people that are looking to sell their home and people that are looking to buy a home.
  • Learn some innovative marketing tactics that made Nicole’s team successful.
  • Know the challenges Nicole faces and how she overcomes them.

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Full Transcription Of Today’s Episode

Trevor Oldham  00:46

Hey, everybody, welcome back to the real estate investing exposure podcast and today on the show, we have Nicole Stanbra. She was born and raised in Long Island, New York, but she has been to South Florida resident since 2009. She has tested the waters literally of six different cities along Florida’s East Coast ranging from Melbourne, Palm Beach and down to Fort Lauderdale having experienced living in several cities throughout Florida, Nicole has helped hundreds of clients relocated here to find their own piece of paradise. Prior to moving to Florida, Nicole served in the United States Army as an engineer officer from 2004 to 2009, with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, in which she was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, and Meritorious Service Medal for time in combat, Nicole was honorably discharged from the army, the the leadership values and ethics she gained from retirement service are ingrained in all that she does. In 2016, Nicole founded the Stanbra home team and quickly became a Top Producing agent in the Palm Beach and Jupiter area, Nicole has grown her business as a single agent to now offering a cohesive team of elite real estate professionals. And her unwavering work ethic persistence, innovative marketing, and overall grit at the core of her team’s culture, Nicole excited, very excited to have you on today.


Nicole Stanbra  02:02

Me too, thank you so much for having me.


Trevor Oldham  02:05

Certainly, and for our team, for our audience that, they’re hopped onto this podcast, they’re just finding out about you, I’d love for you, just to go into a little bit more on your background, I find it you know, we were connected from our previous client that we had worked with Brian and Brian’s experience in the army. And I love for you to hop into your experience in the I mean, what you know, that experience is like, and then coming out of it, and building, you know, just starting your real estate business and being able to grow it.


Nicole Stanbra  02:32

Absolutely, yeah. And it’s such a pleasure meeting other veterans like Brian and kind of seeing what they’ve been able to build in their, for their fellow veteran network that they have in their area. So I am the veteran realtor of the palm beaches of Florida. And I’ve really created a team culture that is to give back and pay it forward. essence of you know, real estate, so we’re really giving back to our fellow veterans, and also our community heroes. So we’ve actually expanded a lot of our programs to reach out to our first responders or educators or healthcare providers. Because in light of what’s really been going on in the last year with COVID, we’ve realized that there’s so many people who are, you know, contributing to our local communities that really, you know, could use a little extra help and a little extra love and support, so we wanted to reach out to them too. So we created a program called Operation home team that gives back to those clients that we work with, towards those who are looking to buy and sell real estate. And that’s just a piece of what we do within the Stanborough home team business. But like you said before, my time in the service really helped build that foundation for work ethic, integrity, loyalty, and just really being able to best serve our clients here in Florida. And that’s really carried along with myself personally and how I’ve been creating my team culture.


Trevor Oldham  04:01

And as you know, you are kind of the army and hopping out of the army.  How did you ever become a real estate agent and start your own brokerage? Was that a passion of yours? Well, it sort of led you down that path. Once you know, once you’re out of the army.


Nicole Stanbra  04:15

So I was raised in a family, my father owned a lot of investment properties in Long Island, New York where I was raised. So I was always kind of in that environment of seeing, you know, on the investment side of real estate, and we own several properties on Long Island. And then when I went into the army, we purchased properties in Texas wherever I was stationed, but at the time, it didn’t really click off, oh, maybe I can create a real estate career out of this. It was just more for end user purposes. So after I got out of the military, I got into more business development type roles and positions. So I was always in sales and marketing. And there was a moment in my life and that was around 26 When I was pregnant with my second kid, and I was working for a fortune 500 company, and they were being acquired, and they basically said, well, you can go work for the new company, or we could give you a severance. And I said, You know what, why not just go for it and jump. So I took my real estate exam while I was on maternity leave, took the severance package and just, you know, hit the ground running in real estate. And I took a lot of what I grew up with and learned over the years. And kind of tying back to the military, everything is on the job training. OJT is what they call it. So there’s not a lot of, you know, kind of figure it out. But use some of the tools that you’ve learned over your lifetime to be able to implement things. And so that’s what I did. So in my 20s, at the end of 2016, I got my license, and I just really took the leap. And I was a little scared at the moment, because I came from a nice cushy, corporate, you know, salary and job with all the benefits. But I just knew in my heart, there was no, you know, failure was never an option. So I just knew I was going to be successful one way or another. So


Trevor Oldham  06:09

It’s like, so I’m, it’s funny that you mentioned Long Island, I was actually talking to a real estate investor a little bit earlier today. And he was also from Long Island, he has investment properties there as well. So definitely a little small world. Yeah. Certainly, but as you know, you start off as a single agent. And now it sounds like you have a team of agents, how did that process work? How, you know, what’s it been, like growing a team? And did your experience in the army help you, you know, interacting with them and, and building that really good culture for them?


Nicole Stanbra  06:40

Yeah, so a few years ago, because things were exploding so rapidly, I, you know, I tried to just grow very quickly, without really having a solid plan in place. And that ended up kind of, you know, biting me in the butt a little bit. So, last year, especially with COVID, I was able to kind of reorganize, and regroup and really make the decision to hire people who fit the culture, instead of just hiring people and trying to train them, and force the culture on them, if you’re not a good fit, it just doesn’t work, no one’s happy. So I really was able to take a few steps back, really, really look at my mission statement, and my, you know, what I what my intent is, and how I want to grow my business. And then when I was clear, I was able to hire really solid people that really complimented the overall business, so and, you know, in the military, it’s a little different, because, you know, you respect the rank, right? So I was a captain, when I got out, I was an officer. And so I had, you know, 100 soldiers who reported underneath me, and whether they liked me or not, or liked the mission or not, they had to respect the rank, they had to do what their duty was. But in the civilian world, it’s so different. So you have to motivate and inspire and, you know, get people to drink the Kool Aid and really, really become one with the culture. And it’s a totally, it’s from leadership to management, and there’s a very thin line there, but learning that how to, you know, how those complement each other and how to implement that has been something that’s just kind of come with time, and I’ve had some great mentors to really help me close that. bridge that gap.


Trevor Oldham  08:28

That’s excellent. Now, I want to hop in to you, how have you been able to grow your business? You know, there’s, you know, there’s, I always say, there’s real estate agents, and then there’s excellent agents, and there’s some people that just hop into it. And I think that they can do it part time on the side of the typical job, or you’re going into it full time. And with that would be I guess, being With that said, How are you able to, as you know, find new people that were looking to sell their home, and then obviously people that are looking to buy a home as well?


Nicole Stanbra  08:55

Yeah, so there’s, that’s kind of everyone has a friend who’s a realtor, right? And I’ve actually done some fun videos on this because realtors really are a dime a dozen. Everyone either has a license just for just to have it or for their own for a part time thing or for friends and family, whatever. So, you know, finding a realtor, you could be in a restaurant and you can overhear, like six different tables talking about realtors, right? You look at the phone, and they’re all scrolling and you’re like, oh is another realtor. But they’re all so independent, right? So they’re your independent contractor. You’re totally, you’re your own business. So it’s really been a matter of how you set yourself apart. How do you differentiate, and a good friend of mine who’s also a veteran female businesswoman, she would tell me She’s like, there’s three ways to kind of set you apart. You can either be the first, the best or different. And I’m definitely not the first realtor. I’m planning to be one of the best for right now. I’m really setting the groundwork to be a little different and unique. And that’s it. Kind of where my service or culture and some of the programs that we offer come into place.


Trevor Oldham  10:04

It’s funny that you mentioned that I actually, not that I do, but I also got my real estate license a couple years ago, I think it expired because I never did anything. I thought it was funny, when you mentioned that I can, I can tell you from my experience trying to, like, before I am trying to buy an investment property and the realtors that I’ve been working with, even when I know she’s listing a property, try to get in contact with them, never hear anything back, email her, you know, final response over email, ask if I could go in and, and see a showing or telling you when the showings is and just never respond. So I can tell you, you know, if you’re a really good realtor, it’s you know, people like myself that are trying to buy a property, especially in this market, if you could just even respond to an email. It’s almost like it sets you apart.


Nicole Stanbra  10:51

Well, it really is like, just be responsive and be professional. And you’re already ahead of the curve.


Trevor Oldham  10:58

Exactly. And now, you know, I noticed when I was reading your bio, you had mentioned, you know, some innovative marketing tactics that your company had used. And I love for you just to share some of those insights with our audience.


Nicole Stanbra  11:10

Yes. So for me, it’s been really a mix of like a layered approach. So in terms of just true marketing, you know, obviously, digital marketing is really now and the way of the future. But I still know, you know, mailers, direct mail, postcards, handwritten letters, those are still things that are not going anywhere, the more personal the better. So we’ve really just had a good mix of creating a grassroot marketing strategy. So everyone in my community, every one of my neighborhood, anywhere that we’ve worked in, or sold or helped a buyer purchase, they know our name, they know our company. And then on top of that, there’s a lot of digital marketing that gets layered on top of that. So they, in areas that we operate, when they’re either seeing, you know, our for sale sign, they’re getting postcards, Every Door Direct, they’re getting handwritten letters, they’re getting just listed, just sold. So they’re constantly being bombarded by the Stanborough home team. So that if there ever is a moment in their mind, where they’re thinking of selling or buying, or they have a friend or family member who is the first in their mind. So it’s a layered approach, but then being an innovative realtor is really what has set us apart. Because, you know, and I give people who’ve been in this business so much credit, because there’s realtors who’ve been in real estate for 2030 plus years. And I don’t know how they did it without a computer back then. But they were successful somehow. But being innovative and being able to use the new technologies that are out there has been really game changing, because everyone’s moving to Florida and buying remote and virtually. And that’s what we’ve been able to capitalize on.


Trevor Oldham  12:59

Hudson, that’s super, super interesting. And definitely some great insight for the audience. And now I want to talk, you know, go back into the business, as well. And you know, back in 2016, when you were first starting to now you’re looking at five years later, and as the business has been growing, have you? Have you ever experienced any challenges? Have you ever experienced any setbacks? while you’ve been going out there and trying to build your business? Oh,


Nicole Stanbra  13:22

yeah. Like, every day, every day, there is a lesson to learn. And the key is to not make the same mistake more than once. I mean, I can start with kind of building out the team. And like I mentioned before, just hiring off of impulse, and, you know, just making poor decisions without really having a plan and a strategy, and way more strategic than I am now I have an amazing coach and mentor that, you know, I’m able to bounce things off of. And I would say that that’s like my number one to anyone getting into real estate or any business in general is having a mentor that you can, you know, go to for help. But yeah, there’s, I mean, mistakes happen every day, it could be deal to deal, you know, things kind of come up, but there’s always just having somebody and that’s why we have a team, concept Susu we have people checks and balances in place people reviewing things before they go out. So I might not be, you know, the expert on certain things within real estate because there’s so many different transactions that happen all the time. But I have great partners and agents and teammates, who may be experts. And so I can strategize with them and kind of wargame a good solution with them. So it’s really just been a matter of putting the best people surrounding myself with the best, most intelligent, most experienced and capable people. And they just make it you know, it’s like it takes a village so they just make me look good because they’re so good. And that’s just been the team concept.


Trevor Oldham  14:57

That’s perfect, but you know, Nicole, I want to Be respectful of your time today. And we just have a right now we have a couple additional questions I wanted to ask you, before we end our interview today and as a realtor and I know at least in in Massachusetts, and I’m sure it’s similar down and forward, you know, the housing prices have have risen quite a bit, you know, do you see them tapering off in the near future? Do you think that the prices are going to continue to go up and, you know, I’m just curious on where you think the real estate market is going to continue to go in 2021 and beyond?


Nicole Stanbra  15:29

Sure, I would say in my professional opinion, I do not see this slowing down anytime soon. There it goes back to the very basic supply and demand, there is no supply, and there is a tremendous amount of demand. And the demand is not slowing down at all, especially in Florida. Every day, we’re seeing over 1000 people relocate to the state, probably more by now, that was four months ago. So that is not slowing down at all. And so those people relocating down to Florida are now also competing with local people in Florida, who are either moving up or you know, moving down buyers or, you know, investors or whatever the case is. So there’s just simply not enough homes being built. Builders and Contractors are not being able to or not turning out as many new construction homes as they were in, say, 2008. So that has really dropped off. The cost of materials has skyrocketed. So again, for builders, they’ve had to make business decisions: do we continue building at a loss, or do we keep raising prices? And what does that do to the consumer? So again, I don’t see the market slowing down at all. And it’s simply a matter of supply demand. So it’s challenging for buyers, because it’s certainly a seller’s market right now. And buyers just have to be really strategic and work with a really capable real estate team, if they want to get a deal done. Because there’s about 15 offers or more on every new listing, and you have to beat out a lot of buyers in this market.


Trevor Oldham  17:07

You’re most certainly in the call, you know, do you happen to have a favorite real estate or business book that you’d recommend to our audience? 


Nicole Stanbra  17:17

Okay, so I love hyperfast Asian because that’s my coach Dan Lesniak, so incredible. So I’m a huge fan, I actually was meeting with some other friends who were thinking of getting into real estate. And they asked me just a couple days ago, actually, what are your three favorite books to kind of read up on that was number one, I also think that’s a funny, short, quick book. But the purple cow is a really good book. It just talks about marketing and branding and just being different. Because at the end of the day, you have to set yourself apart from 10s, or hundreds of 1000s of realtors. And then I also love the 12 week work year. I like how it kind of segments your planning and strategic business planning for the year in days and weeks.


Trevor Oldham  18:02

Those are excellent recommendations. And I’m looking to the left on my bookshelf, I can see the 12 week year, I haven’t. I haven’t read it yet. I keep getting references to it. It’s one of those things where I’m an avid reader and I’m reading a lot of books, but also the problem with that is I’ll read a book and then I’ll hear a recommendation like on this podcast. So Reba, I’ll book it, I’ll go on Amazon. I’ll buy it and I’ll start reading it. And it’s like I never get to the books that I never get to the books that I had previously purchased. Yeah. Exactly. But those are excellent recommendations. And the last question I have for you is where can our audience find you?


Nicole Stanbra  18:39

Awesome. So I am all over the place, but Stanbra home team on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Stanbrahometeam, and then my website is again www.stanbrahometeam.com so I’m everywhere.


Trevor Oldham  18:54

Awesome. Thank you all, make sure to include that in the show notes of today’s episode. And Nicole, I just want to say thank you for your time today.


Nicole Stanbra  19:01

My pleasure. It was so good talking to you.