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 How do you house hack your way to financial freedom with hardly any money down? How do you build a best-in-class property management company? What is the best day to do a home inspection? What does it mean to be #rentready? Jim Murray has all the answers and he is ready to share them with your podcast listeners today.

Over the past ten years, Jim’s multifamily real estate investments have blossomed into a successful property management company, Lyon Property Management Group. An investor himself, Jim intimately understands the needs of an investor landlord. And that’s why Lyon Property Management is tailored to the multifamily investor. 

Jim is also an investor educator along with Lyon Property Group co-founder Frank Patalano. Jim and Frank host a podcast called The Cashflow Kings where they have been known to pass out free golden nuggets of real estate wisdom. 

Jim can talk about:

  • How to house hack your way to cash flow freedom

  • How to house hack and stay married

  • The daily grind of entrepreneurship

  • Getting into deals with $0 out of pocket

  • Rehab strategies he’s leveraged to attract tenants

  • His 203K loan for a townhouse rehab

  • About that time he almost walked away from a deal for $1,000


“Wealth is a measure of free time, and not dollars. But obviously, financial freedom is some equation that involves dollars.” 

“Unrealistic is just an opinion.”

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” 

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