Mobile home park investing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many investors across the country recognizing the potential of this lucrative investment strategy.

While most commercial real estate assets are great long-term investments, mobile home park investing offers several advantages over traditional real estate investments, including lower capital requirements, higher returns on investments, and less risk exposure compared to other types of investments.

Mobile home parks are attractive investments because they provide stable income, the potential for appreciation in value, and the ability to scale quickly.

Are you ready to start the next year off strong by educating yourself about investing in this highly lucrative yet often overlooked asset class?

Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences in 2023 provide investors with an opportunity to learn more about these advantages and how they can capitalize on them. At the conferences, investors will have access to industry experts who can provide advice and training on mobile home park investing strategies, as well as resources to help them get started.

Attendees will also have the chance to network with other investors and learn about best practices for successful mobile-home park investing.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to jumpstart your success in Mobile Home Park Investing in 2023!

Here are the top Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences – check them out, sign up, and start your investment journey!

The 2023 Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo

IP Casino Resort Spa, Biloxi, Mississippi – March 20-22, 2023

If you are already in the mobile home park industry and you want to explore new manufacturing housing products, network with other industry professionals, and participate in outstanding educational seminars, then this conference is a must-visit!

Participants will be introduced to the latest products and innovations, discuss emerging trends, and get valuable market insights.

Manufactured Housing Institutes’ Congress & Expo

April 19-21, 2023, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

If you want to participate in one of the industry’s biggest conferences of the year, then make your way to Las Vegas for the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Congress & Expo. Presenters and suppliers from around the country convene at this conference, meaning that you’ll be exposed to the best of the best! Over 100 different companies bring their newest innovations for display and purchase. Attendees will see new technology, get new ideas for their businesses, participate in invaluable educational presentations, and more!

Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences’s Virtual Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp

Hosted Online on January 13th-15th

This online boot camp is all-encompassing, designed to help new and seasoned investors identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn around, and operate mobile home parks. The online conference is hosted by Frank Rolfe, the 5th largest owner (with his partner Dave Reynolds) of mobile home parks in the U.S. Together, they own and operate over 20,000 lots in 28 states.

2023 Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Association Conference & EXPO

May 8-10, The Hilton Daytona Beach Ocean Front Resort, Daytona Beach, Florida

If you’re leaning towards hospitality offerings in your mobile home park, then this is a great conference to learn about RV and campground accommodation offerings. The event will bring together RV Park and Campground owners, operators, managers, staff, and industry suppliers.

The conference is open to those who are already in the industry and those who are looking to venture into mobile home park investing. There will be a wide variety of speakers and experts discussing everything from new products, to best practices, and how to make your business more cost-efficient.

When the state of the economy appears to be precarious, this educational event will give you incredibly valuable industry insights on how to run a successful and profitable business. Make sure you register and book your hotel ahead of time!

Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences

The Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences in 2023 provide investors with invaluable opportunities to learn from industry experts, access resources to get started, and network with other investors. From the Biloxi Manufactured Housing Show & Expo and’s Virtual Mobile Home Park Investor’s Boot Camp to the Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campground Association Conference & EXPO, these conferences have something for everyone.

Whether you’re a new investor looking to get started or an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio, Mobile Home Park Investing Conferences are sure to provide the knowledge and resources necessary to take your Mobile Home Park Investment goals to the next level. Make sure to book your tickets early and take full advantage of these amazing events!

If you’re still hungry for more information and knowledge, remember that other commercial real estate and business conferences will have resources that you can apply to mobile home park investing. As the year progresses, keep your eye out for webinars and events that regularly are scheduled. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from the comfort of your own office!

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