Michael is a banker turned seasoned apartment syndicator with 8000+ units acquired. He currently has $650 Million assets under management. Michael is an expert in commercial financing, including underwriting, due diligence, financial analysis and preparation of marketing materials. Currently, Michael is a Principal at SPI Advisory LLC and heads SPI’s Dallas, Texas office where he oversees all aspects of property operations, including asset management, property management oversight, accounting and taxation, capital improvement and renovation projects and investor relations. Michael is a regular contributor on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show. 

Topics Michael can speak on: 

  • Why Michael made the move from single family to multifamily 

  • Different ways to raise capital for deals 

  • The different types of loans available, including HUD / FHA

  • How to identify and analyze a good deal 

  • The types of deals Michael looks for

  • How to create a consistent pipeline of opportunities in any market

  • AND Many More!

Michael’s website: http://www.oldcapitallending.com/ and https://www.spiadvisory.com

Michael’s podcast: https://www.oldcapitalpodcast.com/

Michael on Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing: https://rodkhleif.com/ep-181-michael-becker-provided-financing-5000-units-worth-100-million/

Michael on Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow: https://www.kevinbupp.com/ep-50-learn-how-this-apartment-building-investor-went-from-zero-to-1200-doors-in-less-than-2-years-with-michael-becker/

Michael on Bigger Pockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/biggerpockets-podcast-298-thriving-multi-family-investing-even-hot-market-michael-becker/

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