After spending 3 years in the rat race as an IT professional, Mark woke up one day and thought - there must be a better way. He bought his first rental property, and realized that it was his ticket to working smarter, not harder. As Mark will tell you, cash flow is addicting. 17 years later, he’s in what he calls chapter 12 of 15. He is just about perfectly poised to share where he’s at with aspiring investors, but honestly, he’s a little bit over the five hour lunches. 

And that’s where you come in. Your podcast + Mark = *magic.* 

Today, Mark owns a portfolio of over 100 rental units and coaches new investors to acquire and build their portfolios as well. Mark spends his free time at investor meetups and classes, Facebook Live and podcasting, sharing all that he can possibly think of, without holding anything back. 

Mark can talk about:

  • How to set goals 

  • How to scale a rental portfolio

  • How to execute a perfect BRRRR strategy

  • Why SFH cash flows better than multifamily

  • The finer points of owner financing

  • Self-managing 100+ rentals 

  • Connecting investors to lenders you know for points


“If you want to eat in the fall, plant tomatoes. If you want to eat five years from now, plant Christmas trees.”

“Your network is your net worth... If I lost everything I have today, I could get it all back in half the time and with no money, because of my reputation, and because of my network.” 

“Don’t skip any chapters.” 

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Mark’s website Hard Money Choices: > pitch your deal to a conglomerate of hard money lenders

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Mark on the Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane:!52735 

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