At 22, Maggie had suddenly put on an extra 50lbs in a few months, amongst many other symptoms. Which led to… a mini stroke…  Maggie was discharged with a host of diagnoses and medications she was going to have to take. The doctor’s told Maggie she was going to be on IV Therapy the rest of her life. Yet, Maggie wasn’t going to let them decide how she was going to live her life. Within 6 months after turning to functional medicine, Maggie was able to heal her body from head to toe. 

Today, Maggie is a nurse practitioner trained in Functional Medicine. She optimizes the health, home, and routine of high-performing men and women. 

Maggie had worked as the peak performance coach for John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast for 6 months.  

Maggie’s clients report increased energy and vitality, weight loss, hormone balance, glowing and anti-aging skin, auto-immune disease reversal, and elimination of chronic pains and gastro-intestinal distress. After working with Maggie, one is able to become their absolute best selves, and show up fully in life, business, and relationships.

Maggie would love to come on your show and discuss how she works with top performers to turn their lives around and rejuvenate them in the process! 

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Questions for Maggie:

  • There are so many diets out there… How does Maggie guide her clients in choosing the plan that benefits them the most?

  • How does one know if they should invest in this type of service for their health and wellness?

  • Creating an environment to thrive—why is this a critical piece to success?

  • There are people who are already feeling amazing. What can this fine-tuning of their health actually do to benefit them?

Maggie’s website: https://www.maggieberghoff.com

Maggie’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maggieberghoff/

Maggie on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast: https://www.eofire.com/podcast/maggieberghoff/

Maggie on the Hungry For Happiness Podcast: https://hungryforhappiness.com/podcast/episode-034/

Maggie’s article on Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/324797

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