You’ll have a higher chance of discovering a lucrative investment property if you create more seller leads. This ability is essential for developing new business at a sustainable rate and expanding your portfolio. As a result, it’s critical that you learn how to generate real estate investor leads. Every intelligent real estate investor recognizes the value of lead generation in their business. They have a knack for finding exceptional offers swiftly and effectively.

Every real estate investor understands the value of education, of studying the ins and outs of their fascinating new profession. Listening to real estate podcasts is one of the best ways for new investors to continue their knowledge.

It can feel like there’s too much to cover and not enough time to cover it when improving your investor IQ while generating real estate investor leads. That’s why podcasts are an excellent way to upgrade your investor and entrepreneurial knowledge when you’re doing things like sitting in traffic or exercising.

While there are a plethora of excellent podcasts available—and more are getting added all the time—here are six must-listen podcasts that are an outstanding addition to the continued education of the newbie real estate investor.

Six best podcasts about real estate investor leads:

  1.     The Massive Agent Podcast

 The host of this podcast is Dustin Brohn, and it discusses everything about real estate. That is a legitimate real estate marketing podcast for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers. Listeners will learn to generate more leads and sell more houses using practical lead creation techniques and strategies. Dustin covers everything from social media platforms and ads to blogging, lead generation, and virtual tours.

Check out this podcast if you’re a real estate agent or professional looking to generate more leads and enhance home sales. Here you’ll find real-world examples of how to improve your marketing systems and business strategy. Dustin’s explanation of tactics that he has tried and proven in his own career will be helpful to real estate professionals at all levels. People’s most favorite episode from this podcast is “The Facebook Ad Generating 1,000 Real Estate Leads Each Month.”

  1.     Keeping It Real

Keeping it real gets hosted by Jeff Manson, and he discusses marketing, sales, technology, and business for real estate. Keeping It Real focuses on successful real estate brokers and the strategies they take to achieve their goals. From interviews to market insights, there are multiple episode styles bringing value to listeners of all types. 

Although the podcast got developed to spotlight brokers in the Chicago region, the high-quality content applies to any market. It’s important to remember that networking with industry people is critical. Familiarizing yourself with the various jobs’ responsibilities and duties will help you make connections in the sector.

The podcast Keeping It Real, developed by Jeff Manson, includes practical ideas for real estate agents on prospecting, booking consultations, listing presentations, and more. Jeff drew on his extensive real estate knowledge to create his own customized CRM systems and website, which have generated thousands of real estate investor leads for his team. He shares his experiences and knowledge with others, involving effective agents in discussions that provide outcomes and answers. Jeff’s company, Real Geeks, offers a suite of sophisticated SEM and SEO tools for reaching more prospects online if you’re a tech-savvy agent. 

  1.     The REITE Club Podcast 

The host of The REITE Club Podcast is Alfonso Salemi and Sarah Larbi. The primary topic of this podcast is real estate business strategies, and one of them is generating leads. This podcast gets packed with interviews with special guests who love their jobs, delving into the tactics and techniques of people who have successfully invested in real estate. You’ll discover practical growth and marketing strategies from those who have done it before! So that you may instantly put their advice to work in growing your real estate investing firm. From their advice on generating real estate investor leads, you’ll transform your business. 

  1.     Social Media Marketing Podcast

One of the most difficult challenges for those just starting out in real estate is figuring out where to get real estate investor leads. This extensive website, created by the folks at Social Media Marketing, is a one-stop shop for everything related to social media marketing. On their website, they have multiple episodes with Micheal Stelzner. 

Through social media marketing, you’ll be able to generate more leads. Each episode includes concrete advice and interviews with experts who have successfully promoted their message and increased sales using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget to visit their blog as well. If you have a query about social media marketing, there’s a good chance you’ll find an answer in this blog’s enormous archives. 

  1.     Rev Real Estate School

 The host of Rev Real Estate School is Martin Montgomery. He discusses social media and marketing tips to generate real estate investor leads. Here you will find actionable tips, guidance, and methods to help you grow and prosper in your real estate business. Michael breaks down how to close 50 sales per year using lead generation strategies, database management, social media strategy, and marketing. Michael’s podcast is ideal for both novice and experienced agents.

  1.     Super Agents Live

This podcast, hosted by Toby Salgado, features some of the most successful real estate salespeople who close over $50 million in transactions each year. They explore how to reach the same degree of success as a real estate agent, including tips, methods, and secrets. This podcast is for you if you want to learn about residential real estate trips or how to enhance your marketing and lead-generating plan.

There are several real estates investing podcasts to choose from, with some of the top real estate podcasts listed above. You can discover and remain up to speed on industry news, trends, and techniques by including these leading real estate podcasts into your weekly routine, such as during your daily commute. Remember that podcasts aren’t just for novice investors; even the most experienced and seasoned investors can benefit from continuing their knowledge through podcasts.