Listen To These 6 Podcasts to Become a Real Estate Investor!

Podcasts are quite trendy these days, being a fun and interactive way of gaining insightful knowledge about a particular topic without getting bored or having to read pages and pages worth of text. These audio files, usually labeled as episodes, tend to be filled with jokes and fun facts, making learning and expanding your knowledge accessible to everyone. 

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Suppose you’re interested in becoming a real estate investor. In that case, you might have to do your research and homework to fully educate yourself on what it means to become a real estate investor. 

But this doesn’t mean that you have to bore yourself with details and nitty-gritty facts by spending hours poring over articles and books! You can easily learn about the basics of becoming a real estate investor and more by listening to these excellent real estates related podcasts given below.

As an aspiring investor, these podcasts are more beneficial as hearing information allows you to retain it better than reading it. Not only will you be learning about marketing tips, but you’ll also be fed with the latest updates in the investment industry, as well as hearing insights and tips to help you develop an investment strategy.

Not to mention this will build up your confidence, and you may also end up getting connected with like-minded individuals who might be on the same page as you!

The Real Estate Guys originally had a radio show running since 1997; however, to mold themselves with the new, changing times, they’ve dropped their very own podcast recently, which is quite popular on iTunes. The podcast is run by Robert Helms, a professional investor, and Russel Grey, a financial strategist who has high expertise and skill in their respective field. The podcast runs smoothly and has a fun and entertaining vibe that aims to inform and educate its audience about the real estate sector.

Tips such as investing tips, marketing insights, and more are provided in this podcast, enabling both new and experienced real investors to make the eBay possible decisions that lie in their favor.

A full analysis of the marketing trends and their impact on investors is broken down by the hosts, which isn’t quite commonly covered in most real estate related podcasts. The topics covered in these podcasts are usually based on macroeconomic events, allowing them to cover vast and various aspects of the real investment market. 

If you’re an aspiring real estate agent or broker who’s looking to rise to the top by improving their sales, this podcast is the one for you. This podcast comprises multiple guests involved in the real estate market who share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with their audience, along with a few tips and tricks to improve their sales and rise to the top. Along with that, Real Estate Rockstars also gives investors and brokers new strategies and ideas that can help their business become more successful. 

Joe Fairless’s podcast has, to this date, been the longest-running daily real estate show ever. This podcast show comprises interviews from established real estate investors, giving new and aspiring real estate investors advice and the dos and don’ts of real estate investing. Although this podcast is based a little less on jokes, it is quite entertaining and fun to listen to without getting bored or dozing off in the middle of the episode. 

The tips you gain from The Best Ever Show include ways of managing and growing your portfolio, allowing you to be on the correct path of becoming a real estate investor. If you’re looking for a podcast that goes straight into the action without any fluff, The Best Ever will be the perfect one for you.

It’s always a wise idea to widen up your portfolio, as it gives you access to multiple other opportunities. Michael Blanker’s podcast is an excellent option for those planning on becoming a real estate investor with a strong portfolio. In Apartment Building Investing, the host shares his insights and tips on securing a deal, how to acquire private financing, and the dos and don’ts of multifamily investing.

This podcast also includes interviews with experts who will be relaying their in-depth knowledge, as well as their experience to help guide you in the market of multi-family investing. This includes tax advice, adding hidden value to your property, financing and securing the next deal, and more. Not only do the listeners of this podcast aspire to the strategies presented, but the strategies themselves are also achievable, something that is key for beginner real estate investors.

One of the most popular podcasts about real estate investing, Bigger Pockets, is managed by its two hosts, Brandon Turner and David Greene. Like most real estate podcasts, Bigger Pockets also includes interviews with professionals and various other skilled experts in the real estate agency. This podcast introduces those interested in becoming a real estate investor to new niches and strategies, and ideas to secure their market position. 

This podcast is quite diverse because the investors will be from multiple backgrounds, including waiters at a restaurant to a stay-at-home mom. Not only does this inspire any aspiring real estate investors, but it also motivates them to put in their all and does their very best at rising to the top. 

Here comes another podcast by Abhi Goldhar, Think Reality. He educates and coaches about real estate through informative audio and video content. He invites multiple investor guests on his show who have garnered years of experience in real estate and share their experiences. He literally covers everything from financing to interior design. Surely, this would be the best podcast, especially for beginners. This educational show also focuses on day-to-day operational and even managerial functions for the real estate business. The best thing about this podcast is that the episodes are short and interesting, about 30 minutes or less, so listeners can enjoy this show and listen weekly.

Although these are not the only real estate investing related podcasts that one comes across, they are undoubtedly one of the most popular ones. Special emphasis has been given to these podcasts because they inspire their viewers and listeners to do better and turn their dreams and goals into a reality. If you’re someone who needs that little push towards the path of success, these podcasts are just the thing for you.

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