Trevor Oldham latched onto the podcast wave a few years ago with not just his own, but freelancing to help people who wanted to do it, but didn’t have all the experience and technical skill to make it happen. Then, he stumbled upon a gap in the marketplace that has turned out to be a lucrative business for him.

Trevor heads a company called Podcasting You. Its main focus is to get its clients booked to be guests on podcasts. Think of it as a PR firm for those who want to get interviewed on this red hot medium. So, instead of starting a podcast, you can just position yourself or someone in your company’s leadership, to be a great podcast guest and earn that media versus paying for it.

I caught up with Trevor to chat about what he sees in the podcast marketplace for brands and influencers themselves. He actually has a surprising answer to whether or not social media influencers should leverage podcasts to build their followings.

The clever thing about Trevor being on Winfluence … his team pitched him as they would a client. And the way they did it, well … it obviously worked. We talked about that, too.

Some good tips on how to leverage podcasts as an influence channel for your business or brand … and some salient ideas for you influencers are on today’s show.

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