Entrepreneurs and small business owners often do everything on their own from marketing to sales activities. This means that they must educate themselves on all aspects of their business. Podcasts like the ones listed below can assist you in various ways, including providing business advice and practical suggestions.

The Goal Digger Podcast

If you think that work should not feel like work, Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, the Goal Digger, is the podcast for you! When it comes to helping small company owners achieve their wildest dreams, Jenna is the go-to expert. Jenna began her career and company as a wedding photographer and learned the fundamentals of operating a successful business. From her business success she started a podcast which now has over 250 episodes and a massive following. Jenna invites industry experts to talk about their experiences and teach her audience how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Goal Digger Podcast covers a wide range of subjects, including marketing, productivity, money, and data analysis, all of which are covered in an easy-to-follow manner. Listeners will like the podcast’s laid-back tone and the host’s approachable suggestions. This is a podcast that you won’t want to miss out on!

Creative Rebels

David Speed and Adam Brazier present Creative Rebels, a podcast for creatives. The show’s goal is to encourage and assist the next generation of creatives in commercializing their abilities and gifts. There has never been a more significant moment than now for monetizing your true passions. David and Adam are here to show that there is nothing you can’t create a company around, whether it’s Morse code or chopsticks. Incredible individuals with fantastic tales about how they’ve made money from something that no one thought was feasible to monetize are invited to speak at the event.

Every week, one of the show’s guests joins the hosts to share their stories of accomplishment. With time, the presenters and guests uncover the road from recognizing monetizable talent to establishing a specialized market and creating a profitable company. It’s common knowledge that a person’s path to success is littered with setbacks and detours. It is both enlightening and relevant to read these tales of business success. You may glean a general notion of the subject and the visitor’s name from the episode title, but the description goes into further detail and introduces the guest in more detail. The average episode lasts around an hour.

The Frugalpreneur

Owning your own company is a common aspiration. However, the most frequent obstacle individuals confront is a lack of funding to get their project off the ground. That is where, the Frugalpreneurs, come in. This podcast, which Sarah St John started, teaches people how to create something from nothing. There are presently 121 episodes, all of which are devoted to teaching company owners – or would-be entrepreneurs – how to launch a new venture on a shoestring budget.

A typical episode of Frugalpreneur is between 25 and 50 minutes in duration. Many issues are covered in detail, from selling an online course to negotiating the price of a stay at Airbnb. This podcast is packed with tips you won’t want to miss out on!

Building A StoryBrand With Donald Miller

To help company owners better communicate their brand’s value proposition, StoryBrand.com hosts a series of seminars. The popularity of Donald Miller’s discussions prompted him to create a podcast for company owners to listen to free and network with other business owners who face the same issues and seek solutions. Podcasts like this one are popular with small-business owners who feel isolated from the rest of the world, and this one has recently passed the 150-episode mark.

This podcast may assist you in identifying your brand’s message and creating a narrative around it. The episodes are relevant by telling the tale of a business owner who found their distinctive message and incorporated it into an overarching narrative. Also covered are themes such as how to become a great leader, handle financial issues, take care of your emotions and mental health and enhance your company to its full capability.

The Agents Of Change

The Agents of Change is a digital marketing resource, conference, and weekly podcast all in one that helps small company owners discover their voice amid the commotion and translate their idea into a profitable business.

An industry specialist often joins Rich to delve further into the mysteries of a particular sector. Rich is well aware that a busy sole proprietor does not have the time to sit through hours of idle conversation to weed out the crucial details. With concise yet comprehensive responses, you may answer all your digital marketing-related issues in roughly 30-minute-long episodes.