Being in a real estate business requires you to be well-informed and updated all the time. But along with that, you need rigorous marketing strategies as well. For marketing your real estate business, real estate podcasts serve as a real-time medium for knowledge. 

If you want to improve your business, the most effective way is to follow those who have walked that path already. Yes, we are talking about real estate marketing podcasts that are reliable for finding expert knowledge. 

Do you know what the real struggle to find the most effective and informative podcasts from millions is? If you are getting overwhelmed by the number of available podcasts and are not sure whether you should listen to them or not, we have got you covered. 

We will share the list of most effective podcasts that guide you regarding marketing your real estate business and keep you abstain from false prophets. 

We handpick the list we have attached below to provide you with a curated list of the best available podcasts of 2021. 

Bigger Pockets

Hosted by David Greene and Brandon Turner, The Bigger Pockets is not the podcast you should miss. The podcast format is pretty simple yet effective that offers a plethora of knowledge and exposure to aspiring real estate businesses. 

The program invites all the successful, experienced, and knowledgeable real estate agents and investors to discuss their stories with the listeners. There is so much to learn from their success, lessons, and failures. This platform is a great source to find effective sources for supplementing your income or grab some beneficial pieces of advice.

Coach Tom Ferry

When we talk about heavyweights in real estate, you cannot miss the name, Tom Ferry. Tom, a social media wizard, the founder, and CEO of Ferry International is all about success, knowledge, and experience. His creations earn the best-seller title, including Mindset, Model and Marketing, and Life By Design. His podcasts include famous investors and real estate agents who share their success stories and experience regarding the industry. If you are looking for some tips for marketing your real estate business, then head straight to Tom Ferry’s podcast. 

Caravan Confessions

Not in a serious, all real estate talk mood? Well, you can switch to a fun listen with Caravan Confessions. The host, Eric Simons, invites renowned real estate agents to his podcasts and asks them the strangest things they experience on the job. His podcast covers everything from sending wrong texts to real estate listing agents to catching someone in an awkward condition. 


Garyvee is all about offering real-time advice, tips, and tricks to ensure your real estate business does well. The podcast host, Gary Vaynerchuk, will share his recommendations, advice, and experiences regarding self-awareness, social media awareness, and real estate. Listen to the entrepreneurial genius at Garyvee and give your real estate business the much-deserved boom. 

Real Estate Today Radio

Are you looking for information regarding investment opportunities in real estate, mortgages, buying and selling properties? Presented by NAR Real Estate Today Radio is a targeted podcast for buyers and sellers. Indulge yourself in this podcast, and you will certainly get something to share with your clients. 

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Want to have a bit of everything from news to tips, tricks, and stories? Here is another must-listen podcast you need to add to your list. Hosted by two highly experienced and authentic coaches Tim and Julie Harris, it provides you exclusive tips for marketing your real estate business. 

The prime focus of podcasts is to share industry news with the listeners to keep them updated. Still, it also includes an exclusive interview with the industry giants for some hefty knowledge.

Real Estate Rockstars

The podcast offers much-appreciated interviews with the real estate gurus, most sought-after producers, and the industry’s biggest names. The whole point of inviting the industry giants is to learn from their experiences what world is the best and what does not. The host intends to ensure the listeners learn how to capitalize on the information. 

Calls with Chris Smith

Listen to a super-talented entrepreneur, speaker, and the author of the best-selling book-the conversion code-Chris Smith. The series includes topics like branding, business, growth, and many more to encourage aspiring real estate agents and guide them about the industry. 

Unlisted with Brad Inman

While you are going through some of the best podcasts available, here is another addition to your list-Unlisted with Brad Inman. The podcast is filled with valuable information and insight regarding the real estate industry directly from industry giants. 

Real Estate Uncut

Have a taste of everything in a single podcast with Real Estate Uncut. The speakers choose to discuss various topics from property management to real estate sales, social media influences, technology, team building, personal development, marketing your real estate business, and business development.

Rise Seattle Podcast

If you are interested in local podcasts, then Rise Seattle Podcast is among the best. The podcast is hosted by Tyler Davis Jones who is a Seattle-based real estate agent. 

The host invites celebrities and local businesses to discuss various topics, including discussions regarding the diversity of Seattle, the business structure of the famous coffee houses in Seattle, and many more; if you are thinking about launching your podcast, then it provides you with the right direction and information. 

Kevin Yard’s Yes Talk

The world-recognized speaker and leading real estate ninja, Kevin Yard, is all about making real estate super simple and comprehendible for listeners. He does not believe in beating around the bush but discusses difficult topics in simple language. 

So here is the list of all the podcasts you must include in your listening bucket to get expert knowledge, opinion, and advice.