Are you a new real estate investor? When new to a business, you learn a lot of things before starting it and while doing it as well. A vast array of real estate podcasts is available in the market to help you learn. All you need to do is to find the one that suits your learning needs. While finding a good real estate podcast, you need to consider your type of investment, such as commercial, residential, of intention. Once you know your investment then, it willasy to find a podcast. Have a look at some of the podcasts marketing for real estate investors.

Bigger pockets Podcast

If you are looking for the most popular podcast marketing for real estate then, the bigger pockets podcast is what you are seeking. This investing platform for real estate provides tools and resources for new investors. In this way, you can get educated about new niches, strategies, and real estate market segments from those who are making money. It also connects investors with real estate services like vendors, agents, and others as well. The best feature of this real estate investing podcast is that it communicates with all the investors whether new or old. The podcast is hosted by two expert real estate investors who talk about investment strategies for beginners and professionals as well. 

Real wealth show podcast

The real wealth show podcast is hosted by Kathy who is the author of “Retire rich with rentals” which was the best seller of its time. Kathy also runs shows like Real estate news for investment on which she invites guests who are top-level investors and have made a reputation in the market. So, if you are looking to increase your knowledge on marketing for real estate investors then, you should not miss this podcast. The real wealth show is a podcast that offers several ideas for beginner investors and professionals as well. This podcast shows concrete strategies and marketing information that can help you in acquiring and managing your investment. 

The best real estate investing advice ever show

If you are looking for podcast marketing for real estate investors that are hosted daily then, this one would help a lot. This show emphasizes passive real estate investing and apartment syndications. If you want to make connections in real life then, the Best Ever show is the podcast that you should consider. With almost 2000 episodes and still counting, hosted by Joe Fairless discusses to the point and valuable real estate content. You will not find another podcast covering real estate topics daily. On this one, you will be catching new topics and there will be a lot to learn as a beginner. You will love the show as you can learn and implement things right away. 

Lifetime cash flow through real estate investing

If you are looking for a podcast that tells how expert property managers, syndicators, and real estate investors grow their business then, you have reached the right one. This podcast is hosted by Rod Khleif who tells how you can achieve wealth through marketing for real estate investors. This podcast can be very helpful for you if you are interested in getting advice and hearing stories from expert real investors. Lifetime cash flow is a mix of interviews with industry leaders and motivational tips that helps you in starting investing in real estate projects. So if you are looking to be guided with the best advice then, this podcast can turn out to be very helpful for you. 

Old Dawg’s REI network podcast

If you are a senior citizen who is worried about his/her old days then, this podcast is a nice way of maintaining a healthy bank balance. The host of this podcast started investing in real estate when he was fifty years of age. The show focuses on multifamily properties, investment properties to make sure that the seniors could generate a sustainable cash flow and a healthy income in their retirement age. This podcast shows that everyone can build a consistent cash flow through this real estate investment. You can start with this one if you are a beginner as it has covered all the topics from starters to professionals. 

The real estate guys

If you are finding some vintage podcast then, the real estate guys podcast is for you as it is the most popular since 1997. This one is hosted by a professional investor and a financial strategist which will provide the best and a funny entertaining session with a lot of things to learn. The best thing about this podcast is the topics that are covered. It is a podcast that provides lessons on new and fascinating trends in the real estate investment market. So, if you are finding trendy topics in the real estate investment market then, this podcast will educate you financially. 

Rental rookie podcast

This podcast is designed to support and educate both newcomers and professionals. The rental rookie podcast was started by Emily Du Plessis and her main objective is to make a community where every investor feels secure while investing for the first time. This podcast helps you in taking the fear factor out of your mind. This podcast has turned out to be very beneficial for female investors and couples as well. So, if you are a couple who wants to build a business then, this is the podcast for you. 

RealCrowd podcast

RealCrowd’s podcast offers high-quality discussion on marketing for real estate investors. It also discusses a broad array of real estate investing topics and incorporates data analytics to forecast trends. This podcast tells how technology can be used in real estate in the best way to help investors grow their businesses. The industry experts highlighted in this podcast are investors, economists, and academic professionals. The podcast covers real estate topics that include multifamily, office, and retail as well. You can also find topics on evaluating real estate deals.