Lauren worked hard for years to earn her MBA and become a CPA, but left a promising tax accounting career behind to become a blogger. She and her business partner Alex quit their 9-5s, sold almost everything they owned, and went all-in. 

Lauren is a ground-breaking blogger and the epitome of what it means to be an authentic entrepreneur growing her tribe online. What began as a side hustle quickly evolved into a full-time blog earning over $100,000 in its first year.

Then in 2017, Alex and Lauren founded Create and Go, an online blog that teaches others how to make money blogging. Thanks to their effective social media marketing strategies, they are now making over $100,000 per month. Today, they are traveling the world digital nomad style. On July 3, 2018, Lauren booked a one-way ticket to Berlin, Germany, and she’s been traveling ever since. 23 countries and counting. Now, Lauren travels with the Wifi Tribe (#wifitribe), an organization of professionals coworking remotely and coliving all over the world. 

Alex and Lauren have taken their business, and their life, to the next level! They have reached the milestones of financial independence and location independence - they are truly on FIRE.

Now Lauren is looking to help others grow their side hustle blog to full-time blog, and make a full-time income! 


“Alex and I spent every waking moment living and breathing our online business over the first 3 years to take it to where it’s at today and while it was very difficult and trying at the best of times, it paid off one hundred-fold.”

 “I’ve made it. I can’t believe this is my life.”

Lauren can talk about:

  • How to launch an online blog

  • How to grow a blog organically through Pinterest

  • How to use video marketing to grow a brand

  • How to increase website traffic

  • How to make your first six-figures blogging

  • All about her digital nomad lifestyle.

 Social Media Numbers:

  • 18,378 Likes on Facebook

  • 65,954 Subscribers on YouTube

  • 3.1 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest

  • 100,000+ Email subscribers where the podcast will be sent to after completion

Lauren’s website: https://laurenmcmanus.com/

Create and Go Website: https://createandgo.com/ 

An interview with Lauren: https://drewduboff.com/lauren-mcmanus-and-alex-nerney/ 

Lauren on the Teachable podcast: https://player.fm/series/everything-is-teachable/full-time-blogging-lauren-mcmanus-create-and-go

Lauren’s gorgeous Instagram, with snapshots of her travels: https://www.instagram.com/laurenitous/?hl=en 

And you’ve GOT to check out Lauren and Alex’s income report, a candid breakdown of how much they made last month, and how : https://createandgo.com/blog-income-report/

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