On this episode, I’ll teach you tips and tricks for how to successfully invite guests on your podcast.

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I want to share with you how to invite people to be a guest on your podcast. It’s actually a pretty straightforward and pretty simple process, but I’ll be sharing with you an example of what it looks like. But initially I just wanted to give you just as some guidelines on what it looks like in another video. If you’re watching this on YouTube, another podcast, if you’re listening to this, I go over how to find guests for your podcast. So now once you have found those guests, this is the next step.

is inviting those people to be a guest on your podcast. So here is the first thing to do is you want to have an overview of your podcast within the pitch. And it’s just very simple. Who’s your target audience? As an example from my podcast, REI Marketing Secrets, we talked to real estate investors about how they market and grow their real estate business. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. And from there, you want to include the metrics.

of your show, this could be your listeners, this could be your email subscribers, this could be the past guests that you’ve had on your show. So I find if your show has been around a long time, you want to put your listeners and subscribers numbers and subscriber numbers, I mean more for your email list if it’s a good quality number. If you are newer and you don’t have a ton of listeners and you don’t have a big email list, you could put past quality guests. And the reasoning for that is the podcast host could be like,

X, Y, and Z has been on the podcast or the podcast guests, I should say. These individuals have been on the podcast. Maybe I should be a guest on the podcast as well. So I recommend something simple like that. And now you might be thinking, OK, well, I haven’t recorded any episodes yet. I don’t have any listeners. I have a very, very small email list. How do I find guests or how do I invite people to be a guest on my show? And that’s the predicament I found myself in where.

When I was launching the podcast, I didn’t have a lot of listeners, not a huge email list, not, you know, obviously no past guests. So what did I do is I just basically then I include that information in there and reach out to folks that I had a good connection with people that I knew. And the reason for this is that I knew if I was going to reach out to a very good, high quality podcast guest that I’ve never come into contact with, I have no relationship built out with them.

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it’s going to be very difficult to get them on the podcast. Or conversely, if I know how to get them, if I can reach out to folks I already have a connection with, maybe I reach out to folks that are successful, but they don’t have a massive brand where they’re going to be very, they’re going to vet each podcast that they go on very deeply. I should say if that’s the word I’m looking for, but again, just finding someone, whether you have a connection with them, whether you don’t.

and then over time, then you can reach out to those very high quality guests. And what I mean by high quality guests, I think I’m looking to say more successful guests. These are your folks, maybe they’ve been in the industry 10, 15, 20 years. These are your influence that you can think of. I can be a high quality podcast guest, you can be a high quality podcast guest. Just having a good quality microphone, a good backdrop, having good choices to share, sharing your podcast interview after it goes live, that’s a high quality podcast guest. What I’m talking about here is having a successful,

very successful podcast guests on your show. And then the last little bit is just having a link to book the interview, just something very simple. So that way the podcast host, the podcast guest, I should say, they don’t have to reach out and be like, hey, how do I book this interview? I want to be a guest. And then it’s like that one extra step where now they have to email you, you have to email them. Who knows what could happen? Something gets lost in translation. The interview never happened. So.

To share with you an example and for those listening to the podcast, you can check out our YouTube channel, Podcasting You. And for those watching on YouTube, here’s basically what it would look like. Dismissed that. So subject line, podcast interview, invitation for guest name. Then you’re going to put hi, you know, their name. We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you, inviting you guys to guest to our show. Then you’re going to put your podcast name.

Then you’re going to put an overview of your podcast audience. Like I mentioned for mine, REI Marketing Seekers are, we talk to folks in the real estate investment space on how they grow their business or audience is going to be real estate investors, new, young, old, medium, large, small, however you want to be. You know, our audience is successful investors, very successful investors that want to get into marketing edge to those that are just starting out and want to learn the basics of marketing one -on -one and anywhere in between. That’s who our audience is.

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So I give a brief overview of that. I say the podcast receives X listeners per episode and will be sent out to a list of X email subscribers. So obviously you wouldn’t say X, you would put in the actual numbers there. And then I put to secure a guest spot on the podcast, simply follow this link to book your interview. I include the link. I highly recommend that you have it. I just use Calendly. It’s a great tool to use. And then I say thank you for your time and we eagerly look forward to hosting you on.

Podcast name so you just put your podcast name and then best regards best. Thank you Looking forward to talking soon. Just whatever you want to put for your email signature. I’m not gonna harp on it Yeah, it’s pretty simple. There’s not a ton of work that needs to be done that goes into it Again, over you the podcast audience listener metrics Then we want to have those listener metrics in there. So the person can be like, okay Yeah, I want to go on the show. But again, it doesn’t need to be that way. I started my show I didn’t have any listeners so

As you grow over time, it gets a lot easier because then you can start to add in those metrics. But for the time being until you don’t, I would remove that information and then just include, you know, over you or the podcast audience. Here’s why you should invite you as a guest on the show. Then how to secure a guest spot on the show. But yeah, that’s really it. It’s pretty simple. You can customize it to your own show. I know we customize it to my show to our clients showed, but hopefully this is a great overview.

for you on how to invite people to be a guest on your podcast.