How to make the Perfect Podcast Guest

With podcasts growing in relevance by the day, only those who can prove their mettle will remain relevant. The only way you can prove your mettle in the sea of guests is to become the perfect guest in a podcast. 

Luckily, you don’t need a degree to achieve this. All you need to do is follow certain prerequisites and tips that will be shared here. Armed with these, you can be rest assured you will make quite an impression if it’s your first time. And for those who are already in the business, you will find better ways to be an outstanding guest. 

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Let’s cut to the chase already. 

How to make the Perfect Guest in a Podcast 

First things first. 

  1. Know the Drill 

The very first step to creating an indelible impression in the hearts of viewers is by knowing the drill. This will make your host increase your guest frequency because you made an impressive outing. 

So how do you go about knowing the drill? 

Easy. Start by gathering as many podcasts as you can in your field and study them critically. By studying them deeply, you can find out some loop holes and fill them up when it’s your turn. This podcast study will get you acquainted with how the whole process works and leave you with no surprises. Subsequently, you will walk in with confidence knowing what you got up your sleeves and knock yourself out. 

  1. Master your Craft 

There isn’t a better way to state this. As a host, you won’t invite a guest who’s not well versed in the topic of the podcast. Every host thinks like this unless the said host wants to take chances with you. A perfect guest in a podcast is one who is seasoned in the subject and knows how to pass the knowledge in an exciting way to the audience. If you’ve been sleeping on your career, it’s time to wake up and master your craft. 

  1. Keep Stories Handy 

Stories make podcasts less boring. Beyond the entertainment, your audience will connect better with you if you tell stories. Furthermore, the connection will be on a personal level if they can relate with the story. So keep at least four inspiring stories  handy. You can start your podcast with them or end with them. The latter is even preferable so you can leave with an ovation. Your story can be comical, challenging, sound unbelievable or even pathetic, but let them get the message. 

  1. Ask for a do-over if need be 

Since it’s not a live broadcast, you can ask for a do-over if you feel you weren’t at your best with a particular part. However, one do-over should be enough. If you do your homework well, one do-over is more than enough to create a mark. In most cases, you flow freely without any need for it. This is why the subheading ends with “if need be”. Another thing to note is that, when asking for do-overs, ask at the instant you feel you performed terribly. Don’t wait till the end. It will be challenging for your host to grant you that request.  And of course you know once it airs, there’s no going back. 

  1. Avoid Verbosity

Being verbose means: using more words than necessary. Since podcasts are timed, you will want to hit your points straight and move on to the next question. If you however, go on a talking spree, you might not have enough time to entertain more questions. Leaving many unanswered questions in the wake of your first interview won’t earn you a second one. You can do mock podcasts for yourself at home with your wife, colleague, relative or neighbor. Time yourself as you field the questions so you can get use to timing when you are on set. Learn how to maximize time and you would have mastered how to utilize man’s greatest gift. 

Finally, to be the perfect guest in a podcast, you have to be at the right state of mind before the interview. So take deep breaths, calm your nerves, take a glass of water and go in. If you are not settled emotionally, aggravated or tensed up, you can simply request for a rescheduling of the podcast. It’s better postponed than done terribly. 

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