How to Book Podcast Interviews for Real Estate Marketing: Brian Kiczula and Trevor Oldham (Podcasting You) share their insights.

The Real Estate Explainer podcast is produced and hosted by Brian Kiczula. Brian has been helping real estate investors navigate the changing real estate markets since 2002. Brian is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Cost Segregation Specialist. The podcast features interviews with real estate industry professionals in niche markets across the United States.

Discussion points:

* Starting Podcasting You

* Growing your personal brand with podcasting

* How to prepare to be a guest on a podcast

* Making mistakes on a podcast

* Telling your story

* Preparing a media kit

* Benefits of being a guest on other peoples podcasts

* What not to do as a podcast guest

* Be prepared to provide your preferred contact information

* Podcasting You pricing

* How to connect with Trevor Oldham


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