Podcasts have become a popular medium for sharing information and entertaining audiences, and real estate podcasts are no exception. One of the key elements that can make or break a real estate podcast is the quality of the guests being interviewed. A well-conducted interview can provide valuable insights, engage the audience, and establish credibility for your podcast. This ultimate guide will walk you through the process of how to interview guests for your real estate podcast with confidence.

Why interviewing guests is important for a real estate podcast

Interviewing guests on your real estate podcast brings a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, it adds variety and fresh perspectives to your content. Having different experts and industry professionals as guests can offer unique insights and attract a wider audience. Additionally, interviewing guests can help you establish yourself as a knowledgeable and reputable host in the real estate industry. By associating your podcast with well-respected guests, you can enhance your credibility and build trust with your listeners.

Preparing for the interview

Before diving into the interview, it is crucial to thoroughly prepare yourself. This includes researching the guest, crafting engaging interview questions, and setting up the necessary equipment. Researching the guest allows you to familiarize yourself with their background, expertise, and any recent accomplishments. This knowledge will help you tailor your questions to their specific areas of expertise and create a more engaging conversation.

Researching the guest

Researching the guest is a crucial step in preparing for a successful podcast interview. Start by gathering basic information about the guest, such as their name, title, and current role. Look into their professional background and experience to understand their expertise and areas of interest. Explore their previous work, publications, or any notable achievements that might be relevant to the real estate industry. This research will not only help you craft more meaningful questions but also show your guest that you value their expertise and are genuinely interested in their insights.

Crafting engaging interview questions

Crafting engaging interview questions is an art that can make your podcast stand out. Avoid generic questions that can be easily answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Instead, aim for open-ended questions that encourage your guest to share their knowledge and experiences in detail. Consider asking about their thoughts on current trends in the real estate market, their strategies for success, or any challenges they have faced in their career. Remember to keep your questions concise and focused, allowing your guest to provide insightful answers.

Setting up for the interview

Setting up for the interview is crucial to ensure a smooth recording process. Test your equipment beforehand to ensure everything is working properly. This includes checking your microphone, headphones, and recording software. Find a quiet and comfortable location for the interview, free from any background noise or distractions. Consider using a headset or earphones to monitor the audio quality during the interview. By taking the time to set up your recording environment properly, you can avoid technical difficulties and create a professional atmosphere for your interview.

Conducting the interview with confidence

Once everything is set up, it’s time to conduct the interview with confidence. Start by introducing yourself and welcoming your guest to the podcast. Establish a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to put your guest at ease. Throughout the interview, practice active listening to show genuine interest in your guest’s answers. Take notes if necessary, so you can refer back to important points later. Maintain good eye contact and use body language that conveys engagement and attentiveness. By being present and engaged, you can create a comfortable and engaging interview experience for both your guest and your audience.

Active listening and follow-up questions

Active listening is a vital skill to master during podcast interviews. It involves fully focusing on what your guest is saying, without interrupting or formulating your response prematurely. This allows you to truly understand their perspective and ask follow-up questions that delve deeper into their insights. Active listening also helps you pick up on cues or interesting points that can lead to more engaging discussions. By actively listening and asking thoughtful follow-up questions, you can encourage your guest to share valuable information and create a dynamic conversation.

Handling difficult or unexpected situations during the interview

Sometimes, difficult or unexpected situations may arise during an interview. It could be technical issues, disagreements, or sensitive topics that require careful handling. In these situations, it’s essential to stay calm and composed. Address any technical issues promptly and find a solution that allows the interview to continue smoothly. If disagreements arise, ensure that you approach them respectfully and objectively. If sensitive topics come up, handle them with sensitivity and empathy, making sure to prioritize the well-being of your guest. By navigating these situations with grace and professionalism, you can maintain the integrity of your podcast and ensure a positive experience for your guest and audience.

Wrapping up the interview

As the interview nears its end, it’s important to wrap it up smoothly and professionally. Summarize the key points discussed during the interview and express your gratitude to the guest for their time and insights. Allow the guest to share any final thoughts or advice they may have for your audience. End the interview on a positive note, expressing your excitement for the episode to be released. Remember to thank the guest once again and let them know when the episode will go live.

Post-interview tasks and follow-up

After the interview, there are several post-interview tasks to complete. Transcribe the interview if necessary, as it can be valuable for creating additional content or quotes to share on social media. Edit the interview if needed, removing any technical glitches or irrelevant sections. Once the interview is ready, send a thank-you email to the guest, expressing your appreciation for their participation and providing them with any relevant links or promotional materials. Keeping a positive relationship with your guests can lead to future collaborations and networking opportunities.

Tips for editing and enhancing the interview

Editing and enhancing the interview with guests for your real estate podcast is crucial to ensure a polished and professional episode. Start by removing any technical glitches or background noise that may have occurred during the interview. Trim any sections that may be too long or repetitive, ensuring that the episode flows smoothly. Consider adding background music or sound effects to enhance the listening experience, but be mindful not to overpower the conversation. Take the time to listen to the edited episode multiple times to catch any errors or inconsistencies. By investing effort into editing and enhancing the interview, you can deliver a high-quality episode to your audience.

Promoting the podcast episode featuring the guest

Promoting the podcast episode featuring the guest is key to maximizing its reach and impact. Share snippets or highlights from the episode on your social media platforms to generate interest and engage your audience. Create visually appealing graphics or audiograms that showcase intriguing quotes from the interview. Collaborate with the guest to cross-promote the episode on their social media channels or website. Consider reaching out to relevant real estate communities or publications to feature or share the episode. By actively promoting the episode, you can increase its visibility and attract new listeners to your podcast.

Examples of successful real estate podcast interviews

To inspire and guide you, here are a few examples of successful real estate podcast interviews:

  1. “The Real Estate Insider: A Conversation with John Smith” – In this episode, the host dives deep into the strategies and insights of John Smith, a renowned real estate investor. The interview covers topics such as property flipping, market trends, and investment strategies.
  2. “Inside the Mind of a Real Estate Mogul: An Interview with Jane Johnson” – This interview delves into the mindset and experiences of Jane Johnson, a successful real estate mogul. The conversation explores her journey to success, challenges faced, and advice for aspiring real estate professionals.
  3. “Breaking Barriers in Real Estate: A Candid Interview with Mark Williams” – In this episode, the host engages in a candid conversation with Mark Williams, a trailblazer in the real estate industry. The interview covers topics such as diversity in real estate, overcoming challenges, and creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals.


Having an interview with guests for your real estate podcast is a powerful tool for providing valuable insights, engaging your audience, and establishing credibility. By following the steps outlined in this ultimate guide, you can conduct interviews with confidence and create compelling content for your podcast. Remember to thoroughly prepare for the interview, actively listen to your guests, handle unexpected situations professionally, and optimize the episode through editing and promotion. With practice and dedication, your real estate podcast interviews can become a highlight of your podcasting journey.