Podcasting has become a popular medium for sharing information, stories, and experiences. With its rise in popularity, many industries, including real estate, have embraced podcasting as a way to connect with their audience. Podcasts provide a platform for industry experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and insights, making it a valuable tool for networking and personal branding. In this article you’ll discover the secrets on how to get invited to a podcast.

The benefits of being a guest on a podcast

Being a guest on a podcast offers numerous benefits for real estate professionals. Firstly, it allows you to reach a wider audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Podcasts often have dedicated listeners who are actively seeking information and advice, making it an ideal platform to showcase your expertise and build credibility.

Secondly, podcast appearances provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration. By connecting with podcast hosts and other guests, you can form valuable relationships and open doors to future opportunities. These connections can lead to partnerships, speaking engagements, or even potential clients.

Lastly, podcasting allows you to share your unique perspective and insights on the real estate industry. By discussing relevant topics and sharing your experiences, you can offer valuable advice to listeners and position yourself as a thought leader. This can ultimately boost your personal brand, attract new clients or business opportunities and get invited to a podcast.

Understanding the real estate podcasting landscape

Before diving into the world of podcasting, it’s essential to understand the real estate podcasting landscape. Take the time to research and explore the different podcasts available within the real estate industry. Look for podcasts that align with your niche, target audience, and areas of expertise.

Consider factors such as podcast format, episode length, and overall tone. Some podcasts focus on interviews with industry leaders, while others may delve into specific topics or offer educational content. By understanding the landscape, you can identify the podcasts that best align with your goals and interests.

Finding the right real estate podcasts to target

Once you have a clear understanding of the real estate podcasting landscape, it’s time to identify the podcasts you want to target. Start by making a list of podcasts that align with your niche and target audience. Look for podcasts that have a significant following and engaged listeners.

Utilize resources such as podcast directories, industry websites, and social media platforms to discover new podcasts. Pay attention to podcast rankings and reviews to gauge the quality and relevance of each podcast. Additionally, consider reaching out to your network for recommendations or connections to podcast hosts in order to get invited to a podcast.

Creating a compelling pitch to podcast hosts

Once you have identified the podcasts you want to target, it’s crucial to create a compelling pitch that will grab the attention of the podcast hosts. Start by researching each podcast and understanding their content and audience. Tailor your pitch to align with their podcast’s theme and goals.

When crafting your pitch, highlight your expertise, unique perspectives, and the value you can bring to their podcast. Clearly outline the topics you can discuss and how they relate to their audience. Be concise, professional, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for being a guest on their show.

To increase your chances of getting invited, consider including any previous podcast appearances, speaking engagements, or notable achievements. This will further establish your credibility and showcase your experience in the real estate industry.

Building your personal brand as a podcast guest

Being a guest on a podcast is not only an opportunity to share your knowledge but also a chance to build your personal brand. Before your podcast appearance, take the time to prepare your personal brand messaging. Determine the key messages you want to convey and the image you want to portray to the audience.

During the podcast interview, showcase your expertise, passion, and unique insights. Be authentic and engage with the host and audience. Share personal anecdotes and stories that will resonate with listeners.

After the podcast episode is released, actively promote it on your social media platforms, website, and email newsletters. This will help you reach a wider audience and further solidify your personal brand as a trusted expert in the real estate industry.

Tips for a successful podcast interview

Preparing for a podcast interview is essential to ensure a successful and engaging conversation. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your podcast appearance:

  1. Research the podcast host and their interviewing style. Familiarize yourself with their previous episodes to get a sense of their approach and the types of questions they ask.
  2. Prepare talking points and key messages you want to convey during the interview. This will help you stay focused and ensure you cover the most important topics.
  3. Practice active listening during the interview. Engage with the host by asking clarifying questions or sharing additional insights.
  4. Be mindful of your speaking pace and tone. Speak clearly and with enthusiasm to keep the audience engaged.
  5. Remember to promote the podcast episode once it is released. Share it on your social media platforms, website, and email newsletters to extend its reach.

Leveraging your podcast appearances for further opportunities

Once you have been a guest on a podcast, it’s important to leverage that experience for further opportunities. Share the podcast episode on your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to reach a wider audience. Highlight your podcast appearances in your professional bio or media kit to showcase your expertise and credibility.

Use your podcast appearances as a springboard for other opportunities, such as speaking engagements, guest blogging, or collaborations with other industry experts. By showcasing your podcast appearances and sharing the valuable insights you provided, you can attract new clients, partners, or speaking invitations.

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Resources and tools to help you get invited to podcasts

There are several resources and tools available to help you get invited to podcasts. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Podcast directories: Utilize directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher to discover new podcasts and connect with podcast hosts.
  2. Guest booking platforms: Platforms like Podcasting You allow you to create a profile and connect with podcast hosts looking for guests.
  3. Networking events and conferences: Attend industry events and conferences to meet podcast hosts and fellow professionals. Networking in person can lead to podcast invitations and collaborations.
  4. Social media groups and communities: Join online communities and groups related to real estate and podcasting. Engage with members and share your expertise to attract podcast invitations.


Podcasting provides a unique opportunity for real estate professionals to share their knowledge, build their personal brand, and connect with a wider audience. By understanding the podcasting landscape, targeting the right podcasts, and crafting compelling pitches, you can increase your chances to get invited to a podcast. Use your podcast appearances to further enhance your personal brand and leverage them for future opportunities. Embrace the podcasting world, and unlock the doors to success in the real estate industry.