Holly is a functional medicine practitioner who offers specialty functional medicine testing and personalized recommendations to improve gut health, boost energy, balance hormones, and have clearer skin! 

Slowly over the course of 2 years, Holly had lost herself and even worse... her anxiety that manifested as anger was taking over her life. Her fatigue was unbearable, she weight gain come from nowhere, could only sleep 2 hours per night and an increase in acne that let Holly know that something just wasn’t right. The worst of all was the brain fog and lack of focus. 

Holly knew that there was a way to heal her body and she was determined to find it. While Holly will always call herself a work in progress, she is working towards healing herself completely and fully. Today she works with others to help them find their path to healing using a cutting edge functional medicine approach that is specific to them and only them.

Holly’s website:https://www.hollyhowehealth.com

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