Trevor Oldham is the Founder and CEO of Podcasting You, the leading podcast booking agency for real estate investors. Podcasting You has worked with hundreds of real estate investors to book thousands of interviews and raise millions. Through the inspiration of his clients, Trevor is actively looking to start his first house hack.

Trevor has worked with Multifamily, Commercial, Industrial, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Park, Assisted Living, Short-Term Rental, Land and Note Investors and Syndicators. In addition to those Investors and Syndicators Trevor has worked with Wholesalers, Flippers, 1031 and Self-Directed IRA Specialists, and even Real Estate Attorneys to help raise capital, generate more exposure, and increase their networking opportunities.

Trevor literally bootstrapped his business in his college dorm room and is a very creative entrepreneur who makes it happen…

Today is no excuse! We dive deep into how he went from making minimum wage to 6 figures, how he has used podcasting to continuously grow his brand and his company, and how you can do the same thing!

If raising capital and brand development are areas you struggle in, this episode is just the cure!

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